Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Now You See It...

Now you don't!

Oh Internetz, what the OPK giveth, the OPK also taketh away!

Remember Sunday night when I was oh so excited to see a faint second line on my first OPK of the month? Remember that this was the first second line (albeit faint) that I've ever seen?!


On Monday, I peed again. On a stick. There was a second line again! But it was even fainter than the day before.

WTF. Oh well, it's still there, better than nothing, let's keep it going!

So today I peed. Again. On a stick.

There was only one line. The test line.


Ummmm....dear sweet second line, where did you go?

Then the irrational thoughts started. Okay, when I saw the faint second line on Sunday night maybe it was after I had ovulated, yeah, that's it. I must've ovulated early this month so I just caught the tail end of things on the OPK. Yeah, yeah, that's good! That's what happened. That's why the second line on Monday was even fainter. It was like I am seeing things backwards! YES. That's got to be it.

And the earth is flat. The moon is made of swiss cheese. Pigs can fly.

So close and yet so far.

Who knows what this means. All I know is that there ain't no second line getting darker.

Boo hiss.

PS - Thanks to those of you who have sent me awards! You're so sweet. I will get to them in the next couple of days, I promise!


Melissa G said...

Ooh sorry the line went away... I'll hope it comes back soon!

junebug said...

Maybe it lost its passport. Ok - that was bad but I couldn't resist I'm still upset.
That darn line! I hate those sticks. They stick it to me every time.
Obviously it is late and I'm not making much sense. :-) Hopefully you got some laughs.

Mad Hatter said...

Hmmmm...so strange...what time of day are you peeing? In the morning? It could simply be that you caught the tail end of it, like you say...or, perhaps your LH level is a little low in general at the moment - forgive me for not knowing this, but have you had it tested at the clinic recently? Getting them to monitor your next cycle to see where you're at after all the work you've been doing might give you and your naturopath helpful info.

Marla.z said...

That's so frustrating!! Are you using a trust-worthy OPK kit? I only say that bc I was using the generic brand and I didn't like the results, so I bought the brand name and - tada! Results were so much better. My best guess is that you did get the tail end of it.

TeeJay said...

Are those OPK's expired? Not sure if that makes a difference. What does make a difference is what time of day and how long you have been holding your pee. Fun stuff, I know. Last month I missed my O date and had the exact same thing happen with the faint line and then the no line. Very frustrating! But keep peeing...because you just never know.

irrationalexuberance said...

Well that's shitty. But honestly, I'd go with the rest of the girls -- I don't think you are that deluded to believe that you were hitting the last days of it (and that is totally what I would believe if it were me, other evidence be damned). Not to hawk a product, but the clear blue fertility monitor always worked 100% better for me, but, well, I'm not pregnant yet either so take my recommendation for what it's worth!

Anonymous said...

Oh how I hate those lines. I start this month's tomorrow and I have to admit I am not looking forward to it. It's like a science project trying to figure out if the line looks different every day...GRRR!

Circus Princess said...

I had difficulties getting the OPK right and it often took peeing on more sticks than one a day. For me, if I got a faint line in the morning I'd get a strong line that afternoon (after 3pm)... It is a surge after all and can easily be missed.

jenicini said...

Erg. Those damn lines. I too have never seen one on an OPK or a HPT either! One day....

Shanny said...

Ugh the frustration! Sorry =(

Beautiful Mess said...

So you are seeing things backwards AND pigs can fly?! Got it! ;o)

I hope you did ovulate early this month, though. That would be super all kinds of AWESOME!

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