Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sage Advice

Because you're dying to know.

Okay, because I'm dying to tell you.

I saw my ND on Wednesday for acupuncture and unpacked the OPK debacle of the past few days. She was excited - this meant something had happened! But she was also curious about the fact that the two second lines that I saw were getting lighter rather than darker and since she was the one that gave me the OPK sticks (they're some cheapy generic ones), she wanted to call the company to see what this might mean. Why not cover all bases, right?

Once I was in my blissful pinned state, off she went to investigate.

Post-pinning she sat down with an answer to my theories.

According to her - and the OPK company - it is very likely that I ovulated earlier than we were anticipating and that the two days of faint lines were the tail end of things. So in some ways, I was in fact seeing things backwards!

We'll know more for sure if my period arrives in good time this month. This will definitely confirm this theory even more. Sadly I haven't been taking my BBT this month so I can turn to that for advice.

So there you go! It is on good authority that yours truly has ovulated all by herself!

Now if only Irish Boy miraculously produced one magic sperm that would save us months of money, needles, and potential heartache.

Hey, a girl can dream!


Anonymous said...

Yea for your body working on it's own albeit early :) I'm hoping for a magic sperm as well.

irrationalexuberance said...

Yeah for the big O! And I'd swap a magic sperm for a big ol' box of needles any day!

Jaymee said...

WOOHOOO!!! doing the big happy dance for you!!

junebug said...

That's great! It's so nice to have such good support.

Jenny said...

that's half the equation! One sperm isn't too much to ask for, never give up hope!

Amaprincess said...


TeeJay said...

Yay for most likely ovulating on your own! That's great news. Here's to hoping AF shows in a timely manner!

Beautiful Mess said...

Oh cool! Nice job, FC's body! I'll be crossing fingers that this becomes routine!

Fran said...

Fab news!! I can also tell you that with those cheapy ones I really never ever got a super dark line even when I was ovulating with absolute certainty! But you know what, this news deserves an award! It's on my next post!

Love, Fran

zengirl said...

I'm pretty sure you caught the tail end of your LH surge. That means you ovulated! Yay! Never underestimate the power of the "prick" LOL! My husband is also undergoing acupuncture and herbs regime to make him into a super-sperm factory! Anything to increase our odds! Well, he did manage to make me pregnant only after he started TCM! Apparently sperm issues are quite easy to fix with some dietary changes and TCM. If your husband is doing the same, I am sure it will increase your chances of pregnancy! Besides its nice to have our hubbies involved in the battle against IF!

Mrs. Gamgee said...

Hooray for the O! I'm sorry that you only found out after the fact tho... I always found using OPKs frustrating. It's so easy to miss the surge and then torture yourself with "did I or didn't I?" questions until AF shows up. Crossing my fingers that things worked out 'magically' for you!

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