Sunday, October 11, 2009

Do Not Adjust Your Television Sets

Internetz, may I first say how much I adore you? I cannot thank you all enough for your support this past week.

First, the birthday wishes - awesome. Then carrying me through infertility meltdowns 1 and 2. You are the best. Thank you for your comments. So many caring comments - and some just downright hilarious to pull me back up again. THANK YOU.

So in the midst of my 'break' cycles, my ND is having me use OPK sticks just to see what if, anything, my body is doing on the ovulation front. Last month - nothing thank you very much!

This month she wants me to use the OPK sticks again which means she's either some kind of sick sadist or eternally hopeful.

It is CD-17 for me - for those who are following my cycles with baited breath (okay, that's just me), last month's cycle was 35 days long.

I wasn't supposed to start using the OPK's until tomorrow but there have been other goings on down in Ladyville that had me wondering if my body is attempting ovulation all by its big self.

So I peed. On a stick.

And Internetz? I saw a very faint second line!

If you're just tuning in, let me remind you, this is only an OPK!

But still - a faint hope!

Will the damn lines get darker like they're supposed to in the days to come?

Who the hell knows!? It's not like Irish Boy has any sperm to help a girl out if I do ovulate anyways.

(Please send turkey baster and fresh super sperm to PO Box ... too much?)

But if I see a darker second line I will be doing the naturopathy dance of joy.

And for right now, that may be enough.


Our Shrine.. said...

YAY, here's hoping for darker lines!

junebug said...

You've done better then me. I've never even gotten a faint line. Here's to hoping it works this month! ((raising a cup of something strong - pick your poison or just a stiff cup of hot green tea))
Ok - I was so sad about tonight's episode. I was really hoping for the yelling guy or poker girls to go. These guys amused me and are so sweet.

Mad Hatter said...

That's amazing! Yay faint line! Yay naturopathy! Yay Fertility Chick, for sticking things out and gettin' 'er done! I am cheering for you here in my little corner of the world! Go FC Go! :-)

Anonymous said...

Yea for your body working on it's own :) I hope it continues to do so.

Fran said...

This is fantastic news! sending all the vibes possible down your end of the World for that line to get thicker by the minute! Fran

Shanny said...

Come on darker lines, come on! You can do it, you can do it!

Jaymee said...

lines are lines, who cares what you are peeing on!! that is wonderful news!!

Melissa G said...

A line period is great news, that means your LH is gearing up!

Hope that line continues to become darker and darker!

Circus Princess said...

Good idea with the turkey baster and some super swimmers... don't give me any ideas :-)

Lin said...

Great news! Come on darker line!!! Hmmm...if only it were so easy as a turkey baster and super swimmers! I like the way you think! :-)

jenicini said...

Wow! Exciting stuff! How great is it to see something positive happening during your break? Hoping for a darker line tomorrow! I'm not suppose to use a turkey baster from the store? What?!?!?

Clare said...

Good news... wishing for a darker line in your very near future. I have a friend who offered me his sperm - give me the address, i'll have him send it over right away! :) Also there's an award waiting for you on my blog!

Anonymous said...

I also have an award for you on my blog!

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