Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Period Watch: CD-39 !#&*

Check the backs of your milk cartons, Internet, because my period is STILL M.I.A.! Let me reiterate: no, I'm not pregnant. No, there's no way in hell I *could* be. Jeebus knows I probably didn't ovulate on my own (thanks, PCOS!) and Irish Boy, bless, has no sperm anyways so doing the deed au naturale isn't going to do much spawning-wise for us.

So this begs the question, period, where the HELL are you?! I'm having pre-Metformin flashbacks of witnessing my period every other month. I'm also trying not to have a meltdown thinking that perhaps Metformin on its own ain't gonna cut it anymore.

Irish Boy predicts that it will arrive sometime in the next few days. We're about to head away for the weekend for a friend's wedding. We'll be staying in a nice hotel, with a nice big king size bed, and nice fresh, crisp white sheets. What better time than that for my period to show up in the midst of a romantic weekend?!

Clearly my period is evil - so this theory could prove true. Time will only tell.

But to be honest Internet, I'd be almost grateful if it did show up...and soon. I don't want to regress back to a period every other month.

SIGH. If you see my period hanging out in your local bar, kick it in the ass, and send it my way. Thx.


Beautiful Mess said...

Damn that period! Not only is she messy but she has to be unpredictable as well?! NO FAIR! I hope it comes soon, but not while your on vacation!

Mad Hatter said...

AAAARRRGGGHHHH!!! Mine still MIA, too! Day 43! Your weekend away might help, if you can fit in some time to chill out. When our periods come back, we should have a bloody party! ;-)

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