Monday, July 6, 2009

Adventures in acupuncture

Well Internet, I am no longer a stranger to the experience of acupuncture. On this my third visit to the ND, we began our foray into needle-ville. Since my period is still M.I.A. (don't even get me started - useless lady bits!) the needles were focused on my abdomen (surprisingly I felt none of them going in - though all the fat that hangs out there might be why, ahem), my wrists and my legs/ankles. Overall I didn't find it painful - though a couple of the needles in my legs I could definitely feel going in though only for a split second. The weirdest one was my left ankle - it felt like I received an electric shock when she put that one in. I had read that this sensation was a possibility for some people - but was rather surprised to experience it myself! I was told that the various needles were working with my (useless!) lady bits, my spleen, and my kidneys (this goes back to that whole dampness thing ...good times!).

The best part of acupuncture? The 15+ minutes of lying in peace with blissful spa music playing in the background. I have no clue if these needles will do anything for me, but I'm hopeful that the escape into relaxation land on a weekly basis might do something at the very least.

To even think about the cost of all of this is enough to make me choke - but for now I will celebrate that this needle-phob has trekked into uncharted territory and made it out without resembling Pinhead!


Mad Hatter said...

Thank you for sharing this...I keep trolling blogs for those going through the same sorts of IF issues and it's so comforting to find another with the same MIA period/acupuncture/ND - and I'm with an Irish Boy, too! ;-) I look forward to supporting you in your journey, and here's hoping both our periods (likely off together on some tropical isle, drinking pina coladas and showing off their tans) come back asap!

Beautiful Mess said...

Good for you! I've never done it, but I'd totally try. Sounds very relaxing! Glad you enjoyed yourself! tell those lady bits to do their thing! "know your roll!" ;o)

Sandra D. said...

That sounds really relaxing. Good for you! I'm a total needle-phob, but your post has made me curious to try acupuncture - especially the part about the shock you had when the needle went in your ankle. I've never heard about that. anyway - congrats on successful acu sessions!

Fertility Chick said...

As a true needle-phob myself, I encourage you to try it! It is very, very different than the needles for bloodwork, injections, etc. They're tiny and super fine. I honestly didn't feel most of them going in at all - and the electric shock thing was odd, but again not uncomfortable! Whether its for fertility or not, I'm starting to be a bit of an acupuncture believer!

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