Saturday, October 2, 2010

Birthday Wish(es)

Dear Irish Boy,

My birthday is only a few days away now. I'm just sayin' - but I know you wouldn't forget because you're that awesome. (See what I'm doing here, Internetz? It's called sucking up. You'll see why.)

I'm sure you already have my birthday gift purchased, wrapped and hidden safely away (Not bloody likely, Internetz, I've torn the house apart looking for it and NADA) - but in case you don't, I have a couple of small (big) suggestions for you.

First, this:

Ohhh sweet MacBook. Isn't it beautiful? Think of all of the amazing things that I could do with this wonderful new electronic marvel! In fact, we could share it (Not going to happen, Internetz.) so it would be more than worth it!

Also? Remember these:

Gorgeous mosaic tiles! Wouldn't they make a gorgeous backsplash in our kitchen? They'd go so well with everything we have. And they're super easy to install! In fact, I could do it! (Highly unlikely, Internetz. DIY is all about the Irish Boy.)

What a marvellous birthday it would be! Throw in some flowers, dinner out at our (my) favourite restaurant and a delicious birthday cake and you'll have one happy girl (It'll also save him from the proverbial doghouse).

Looking forward to celebrating with you!



Anonymous said...

Have a happy birthday! I hope all of your wishes come true!

Chelle said...

I hope Irish Boy seriously dishes out for this birthday. ;)

Happy birthday!

Circus Princess said...

Happy Birthday!! Hope Irish Boy can take a subtle hint:)

Fran said...

I remember last year you had a fab armchair as your wish! I have to say, you do have expensive wishes!! LOL!

But I'm sure Irish Boy will get the hint. Can't wait to see what he'll get you. Happy birthday my friend!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!

Les said...

Happy Birthday! Love the subtle hints!

Jane said...

I kind of LOVE that tile! It would go really well in my kitchen, too. Hmmmm...

Happy Birthday!!

Beautiful Mess said...

Oh the arm chair! Thank you Fran for reminding me of that beauty. I sat and longed for it, I may have even pretended I was sitting IN it.

If Irish Boy doesn't do your birthday justice, I'll take care of him for ya ;o)

happy early birthday wishes and lots of *HUGS*

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday Chick! Those tiles are beautiful!

zengirl said...

Happy Early Birthday FC! Those are great gifts to drool over. Hope they come true!

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