Thursday, February 4, 2010

Have Provera, Will Be Stabby

So I was going to title this, "Have Provera, Will Bleed" - but we all know that's going to happen and I thought it might gross you all out!

Time to update you all on Period Watch: The Clusterf&!$# Edition. You'll recall that I had to drag myself to the fertility clinic to see my RE in person to get the Provera. Even though I had already been prescribed it once before. By her. Yeah.

Remember how I vented away about how annoyed I was? That she probably didn't remember me?

Oh Internetz, it pains me to say this, but I was wrong. So very wrong.

The fertility clinic RE remembered me alright. In fact, she practically apologized for dragging me into the clinic but since I had been on a break from treatments for a while she wanted to catch up with me and discuss the medication protocol for my upcoming dIUI so I knew exactly what I was getting into.

Say it with me, WTF. No, no, sorry, I meant, "Awwwwwwwww..."

Yes, she is that sweet. She went on about how proud she was of my efforts to think about health and lifestyle while I was on a break. She encouraged me to keep that up as we embarked upon treatments again. She said that she felt really confident about moving ahead.

And secretly I felt like such an ass for being so bitchy the other day on here. I hope the universe will forgive me.

I got my Provera and a plan for our upcoming dIUI (femara plus injectibles - fun!) and now we wait for good ol' CD-1 to get the ball rolling. I started the Provera last night so within a week or so I'll be back into the land of injections, blood work and regular dates with Wandy the ultrasound attachment.

I don't know how the rest of your fare on Provera, but I swear even after one pill I'm getting headaches and feeling stabby. As some of you may recall, I am away this weekend at a work retreat, so you can just imagine how stabby I will be by Sunday. Watch your 11:00 news this weekend. Who knows, you might see some deranged infertile - that will probably be me!

But Internetz, there is EVEN MORE to tell. I heard back from the PCOS Specialist regarding some of my blood work and have had a very interesting revelation. That however, is a whole post in itself.

I will try and tell that tale before I leave for the weekend (not like any of you are that desperate to know) because I hope that this information might be able to help some of you.

Stay tuned...


Holly said...

hope you and Irish boy survive the Provera rage! Can't wait to hear about the revelation from the PCOS specialist

errin julkunen-pedersen said...

i AM desperate to know, dammit! wants to know the revelation!

Anonymous said...

Ummmm, you are making me stabby by making me wait for the next blog post to give the other update!

Hope that CD1 comes sooner rather than later and if you end up on the news, I will laugh and help you come up with a defense =D

Amaprincess said...

Oh your co-workers better stay on your good side!!! That stuff is lethal!!! Hoping day 1 comes quickly so you can get the ball rolling!!! You can be stabby with us (well around us...not to us...because changes are a few of us are stabby ourselves)...we love you anyway!

R.J. said...

So glad you're just about ready to get started. And yes, I am super curious to know your news!!

PCOStory said...

*raising hand*. Also desperate to know. Good luck on your work weekend!

Kelly said...

I'm staying tuned! I hope that AF shows sooner rather than later.

Goodyear Family said...

I want to know! I want to know!

Heather said...

I want to know too!!

I'm so glad the DR was fantastic.

Mad Hatter said...

Hope the Provera works as quickly and painlessly (stabbylessly?) as possible!

P.S. My word verification is: comeredi...that has to be good luck for your cycle! ;-)

jenicini said...

Dear Provera--BE NICE to fertility chick! xoxo

Hang in there!

Dana said...

The first time I ever had provera I was an emotional WRECK I was given it to jump start my period when we first started trying. It was quite awful! I used prometrium in the past and it was much better. Unfortunately they gave me provera to pair with my hormone patch for healing after the surgery I start next Friday. I am hoping that since I know what it can do it wont be so bad this time. I have become a PRO at clomid! Dont stab annoy girl! :)

Jen @ After The Alter said...

I'm glad to hear you decided to do the treatment even though you were going to the retreat. I don't know much about the procedure but I wanted to sent you some ***hugs!***

Anonymous said...

Awww, glad you're RE wasn't just being stubborn! Can't wait to read the rest...

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