Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Period Watch: The Contest Edition

I always find it pretty cool when blogs have exciting giveaways on them. I've entered some (sadly have never won, alas!) and others I just appreciated the 'coolness factor.'

Well I'm but a mere 'no-name' little blog. I've got no sponsors and honestly I don't even know how you get into all that! But - since I've delved into the world of acupuncture and naturopathy, I'm curious to see what, if anything, will become of my period this month. Here's the deal. It's CD-27 for me today. My period usually arrives anywhere between CD-30-33. So for a bit of a laugh, I'm hosting a contest, where you can put your guess on what day (and it doesn't have to be days 30 - 33 ...if you know my history, my period can show up any day it feels like, so go wild!) you think my period will show up on - and a brief explanation (like a sentence) why you chose that day.

The big prize? A selection of a girl's favourite thing during her period: CHOCOLATE!! Now Internet, I have no big time candy sponsor helping me out here, so yours truly will foot the bill. Since many of my Internetz readers are from the U.S., I was thinking of treating you to Canadian chocolate delicacies like Coffee Crisp, Smarties, and Crispy Crunch! If you're a fellow Canuck and you win the "big" prize, well I'll treat you to some of your faves! For my UK friends, most of the chocolates probably originated in the UK (thanks to ivfdiary for reminding me that Smarties come from the UK because really, all good chocolate comes from the UK!)...but I'll still send you them if you're the big winner, because hey, it'll be from Canada, so I'm sure that will make it fun somehow!

If more than one person guesses the correct day that my period shows up I'll do a random draw (which will probably work like this: I'll write those names on bits of paper, put them in a hat, and draw them - because that's how I roll, old school!).

So all you have to do is leave a comment with the CD (ie: 30, 45, 29) you think my period will arrive and why you chose that particular day. If you can't leave a comment, then just send me an email: fertilitychick at gmail dot com.

All in good fun friends, because, hell, we may as well!


GeekByMarriage said...

Hmmm betting against Mother Nature!? I'd love to knock that bitch down a peg. I'll guess Cycle Day 34!


Fertility Chick said...

IVFdiary is in for Day 42!

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm, I'm going for CD29....that's typically when mine comes, if she decides to be normal.

Anonymous said...

i'm guessing day 38, since that's the day i start my provera unless AF shows. i was just giggling at the idea of bloggers' cycles aligning like roommates' do in college. women who blog together, cycle together (or don't cycle, as it seems).

if i win i want a crunchie! i haven't had one in years, and i long for them...pretty sure they aren't vegan, but for crunchies, i'll make an exception.

Eileen said...

I'm guessing CD 32 for the very scientific reason that it is one of my favorite numbers ;-).

Melissa G said...

What luck! I love Chocolate, AND Canadians! Can we still be Internet Friends if I am a HUGE San Jose Sharks fan??? Is it bad that I am ASSuming that you are a hockey fan just because you live in Canada???

I'll stop talking now.

I vote for cd33.

Mad Hatter said...

I dare to vote CD28 (YES, TOMORROW!) because I think the TCM diet will do the trick for you!
I am also curious to see when mine arrives since this is my first one since I changed my diet, too...I usually get mine CD26 and today is CD25. Last cycle it came on CD45!
I wish you a beautiful bright red healthy period! (and if I win, I can only have dark chocolate with raw organic cane sugar...Green and Blacks is the best - have you tried it?)

Kristin said...

I will have to guess 39 because I am 39 and I like the number.

farmerswife06 said...

Oh I love this!!! What a great idea!!! I think I'm going to choose CD30. I hope your Auntie shows up soon!! Please pray for mine to drop by and visit too. She is waaaaaay over due on her visit. Good Luck!!!!

Jenni Saake (a.k.a. InfertilityMom) said...

I'm going with day 31 because I don't think anyone else has picked that one yet. But I really would rather hope you had the most amazing surprise of her not showing up for say, 9 months!!! But if she's got to come, hoping that your treatments will get your body more and more into a healthy rythem. {{{hugs}}}

Beautiful Mess said...

Hmmm I was going to guess 28 because that's my favorite number, but thought if you felt she was on her way, you might know already. So then I was going to guess 29, but someone else guessed that day. NOW (geez you're making me think!) I'm guessing 40. Do I NEED to have a reason? Can I just pick 40 cuz nobody else has and it popped into my head? Will that work?

Amaprincess said...

I pick CD 36 because 3 + 6=9 and 9X9=81 AND 8+1=9 (does that reason work?) This is a totally fun game!!!

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