Monday, August 3, 2009

Ode to Roger Ramjet

I was thinking today about how quickly my break from spawning seems to be flying by. It dragged in the beginning, but now, I honestly can't believe it's the start of August and within no time, I'll be heading back to the fertility clinic in September to attempt dIUI #3.

I was stricken today with some moments of anxiety as I thought about returning to the world of injections. Let's face it, very few, if anyone, likes getting needles. In the world of IF, the constant bloodwork is bad enough, but when you have to spend a series of days (weeks!) injecting yourself in the stomach, thigh, or hip, well, it gets old fast. I'm fortunate enough that Irish Boy has no problems giving me the injections (sick bastard). For those of you who do it yourself, well then I bow to you and give you kudos! I'd likely pass out first, banging my head on the counter on the way down.

I've always hated needles. Beyond hated them - I am/was terrified of them. There are times even into my adult years that I must confess a needle had me shaking and sobbing. As a child I was smart, and used to run out of the doctor's office in hysterics (future drama queen in the making!). True story - I'm sure my mother was so proud.

This journey into IF has helped me to make some peace with needles. I still don't like them - but I don't turn into a hysterical mess at the thought of them anymore. Oh, I still get plenty nervous. And you can pretty much guarantee at least one good crying meltdown in the midst of stims (I blame the meds - but I'm pretty sure it's just me).

For my last IUI, my entire injection routine was intramuscular (IM). Many of you have probably experienced this for the HcG shot. My brave IVFers likely know a lot about them enduring many shots of Progesterone in Oil (PIO). For whatever reason, they wanted me to try injecting my last round of Menopur that way. So you can imagine my fear when not only did I have to deal with a needle in the ass (essentially) every night -but a REALLY LONG NEEDLE in the ass every night. You know the needle that you're probably using to mix your meds then you switch it off for the smaller, less scary one? Well that big sucker is what we had to use. To jab in my butt. For more than a week. Every single day. GOD HELP ME.

The ice pack helped get me through. But here's why this posts title starts to make sense. I have vague recollections of seeing the "Roger Ramjet" (not to be confused with Roger Rabbit!) cartoons when I was a kid. I was really young so to be able to talk you through an episode is unlikely, but I remember the cartoon itself and the theme song. You see when I was sick and fighting my parents against taking medicine, they would sing the theme song to me as I took it. It helped the medicine go down a la a whacked out Mary Poppins.

So, whenever I'm on my funtime IM injections you can bet your ass (sorry) that I'm singing the Roger Ramjet theme. If you've found your way to my blog because you googled Roger Ramjet and have actually read this far - my apologies!

I know, I know. I sound crazy. Or crazier than I usually sound. But to all the IF ladies out there who are trying to get through the injections, I have pasted the lyrics below (it's sung to the tune of Yankee Doodle) to help you get through! I particularly recommend learning the chorus. That's basically what I sing over and over again till the needle is done!

Though I do recommend that you ONLY sing while at home/in private. Just a suggestion!

Roger Ramjet Theme Song (with thanks to composers Paul Shively and Charles Koren)

Verse 1

Roger Ramjet and his Eagles
Fighting for our freedom
Fly through in and outer space
Not to join 'em, but to beat 'em

Verse 2

When Ramjet takes a Proton Pill
The crooks begin to worry
They can't escape their awful fate
From Proton's mighty fury

Verse 3

So come and join us all you kids
For lots of fun and laughter
As Roger Ramjet and his men
Get all the crooks they're after


Roger Ramjet, he's our man
Hero of our nation
For his adventures just be sure
And stay tuned to this station


Anonymous said...

i have an off and on issue with needles. i can't get my blood taken without getting nauseous/dizzy/lightheaded, but i can sit for hours for tattoos. go figure. maybe i just don't like anyone using needles to TAKE from me...

farmerswife06 said...

Thats so sad about the needles but quite funny about Roger!!! If God forbid I have to deal with daily shots down the road I will try and remember the Roger Ramjet Theme song. And thank you for writing something to laugh about during the IF stuggle it seems to make it a little more bareable seeing someone deal with the hardships with humor.

Fertility Chick said...

I've always been terrified to get a tattoo (even though I'd love one!) because of the whole needle thing!

That's it, ladies, we need to all go for tattoos!

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