Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Desperately seeking motivation

Internetz, I need your help. Seriously, I need to get my ass in gear and start doing some form of exercise on a regular basis. But I honestly cannot find the motivation to do it.

I know the whole spawning thing should be enough. Not to mention the positive connection between regular exercise and managing PCOS/IR. But I just can't seem to form any kind of regular exercise routine.

I'll say it - I'm lazy. I would much rather sit around and chatter online, or read a book or some blogs, or watch tv, or ANYTHING to not exercise.

I also hate sweating. I know - no one likes to (do they?) but it just annoys me. If I had a swimming pool in my backyard, I'd like to think I'd be an exercise fiend since I could live quite happily as a fish in a pool. But that's not in the cards.

Bah - I needs me some motivation! Anyone have any tips, inspirational stories, or just general threats to get me going? Even the Wii isn't cutting it!

PS - I wanted to treat you with an awesome picture of Richard Simmons or a throwback image to the 1980s workout shows...but alas, I couldn't find one I liked! There's no pleasing me tonight!


jenicini said...

I don't know if I recommend this for everyone, but I am a full of excuses girl. So when I was deciding on a dog, I got a higher energy one that requires walking. Literally, if I don't walk them, they have pent up energy that makes them really irritable with each other. Not fun. So, normally I walk them four miles each day (although I have tapered off since ER day)! Which at least gets me out there and doing something. Depending on my motivation, I jog or run to increase the intensity. The dogs are happy and I'm happy since I actually exercised! Before dogs, when I needed motivation, I would make myself go to classes. It's much easier to sweat when there are other people. :D

Eileen said...

Do you have a lake or anything near your house? My husband and I walk every night after dinner. No excuses... even when I try to come up with a good one, my husband drags my ass out. I think I sleep better as a result of the exercise too!

junebug said...

I have found success two ways. (and I hate exercise)
1. Finding a partner. I used to go to the gym with a friend of mine and I can say without a doubt that added several days of working out that I would not have done otherwise. Now my hubby is very supportive and we walk six nights a week together near our house. It is a great way to catch up with each other (we work different shifts).
2. Find something you sort of enjoy. It took me a couple weeks but I did fall in love with cycling. In a classroom where I don't have to worry about the trip back. Your eve parts hurt the first few weeks but after that it is a great workout. The best bang for the buck so to speak. I, also, enjoy yoga and pilates. Everyone is different sometimes I like the 30 minute express of cardio/weights it is a good short workout.
Personnaly I think just finding a way for it to work for you. I prefer mornings because otherwise I make an excuse by evening. After a month or so of a regular routine you will get used to it and possibly (gulp) enjoy it. That has been my experience and I now workout 10 hours a week. Not for fun but for the best PCOS symptom relief. Sorry this is so long. Best of luck. It is truly hard to do.

Mrs Bee said...

Thanks for following my blog!
My hubby and I joined a gym, its a 24 hrs one open 7 days a week. I hated going at first...actually I still hate going! LOL

We have a dog, so I HAVE to take him out for a long walk...or I'll end up being driven mad by him!

Other then that...
I'm allergic to exercise! hee hee.

Anonymous said...

I experience the same frustration at times too.... you'd think wanting a baby would be enough to get your ass in gear and keep moving everyday but that just isn't always the case for all of us.

best advice I could give is to stop stepping on the scale... those things are nasty and play with your head and second is to find something you love to do... I've found that I love yoga... I did the basic stuff until I got board with it and now I"m stepping up my game. Don't be too hard on yourself... it will only keep you from getting where you want to go!

*hugs* :-)

Tina said...

I agree with all the previous suggestions! What has worked for me is having my husband be a motivating force. There are some days where I drag him out and walk and others where he drags me out! We also have a dog that requires some form of energy release so if we are not heading to the inlaws where he can run around in their BIG back yard, we have to exercise him!! Also I found that I love pilates and yoga. See if a DVD works for you! Good luck, I know it can be so hard to get motivated to work out!!!

Fertility Chick said...

Thanks everyone! These are great suggestions! Irish Boy would definitely be up for going walking every day - I just need to get him better at dragging me out regardless if I say no or not!

I think part of my challenge is that with exercise I crave routine (same time each day kind of girl) but with my job, that's practically impossible unless I get up at 5 a.m. each day -- which I'll be honest, I know I won't. I need to learn how to be more flexible when I need to!

Have some DVDs too...they would be good to get into ...especially when the colder weather hits and I use that as an excuse to hibernate!

Thanks again everyone...I really do appreciate all of the thoughts and suggestions! Ultimately this is a 'getting healthy' thing for me ...not so much about weight. I know that exercise is one of the best things I could do for the PCOS/ here's hoping I can get onto it!!

farmerswife06 said...

Oh girl I'm right there with you. I hate to exercise. And I know deep down it will help me with the PCOS. But I'm lazy too!!! I did pretty good with some dance videos for awhile. Now I've lost my motivation again. I hope you find the motivation and you can pass it on to me!!

kerri said...

we've been toying with going back to the gym but the cost is deterring us right now... dh is actually in the middle of coming up with a resistance band exercise routine for us. it's super effective and we won't have to leave the house. florida has been scorching this summer so i can't do the outside in this heat... i can stay in front of the tv and exercise which also helps... :)

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