Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Internetz, this may be a big case of TMI, so gird your loins.

As we await the grand finale by the arrival of my period for Period Watch: The Contest Edition I'm very aware of potential signs.

My ND told me today that I was retaining massive amounts of water. Which means that AF could in fact be on her merry way.

But the weird sign is my right boob. Yeah, I said boob. I told you this could get TMI. My right boob hurts like hell. Seriously, tender, sore, whatever you want to call it, just don't bloody touch it! (This means YOU, Irish Boy!) But the left one? Totally fine.

What the hell does this mean? I usually don't get any kind of tenderness in the boob-region so I'm totally confused. And to have it only happen to my right one? It could only happen to me!

I will take any and all theories on this - because if you got this far into this post, you totally have the right to share your thoughts!

My theory? This just once again proves that my body is utterly and completely weird. It also proves that at 12:06 a.m. after a long day of work, I'm willing to blog about anything.



Anonymous said...

BOOBZ! yeah, i don't know wtf that means. maybe you're some kind of superhero and you're unlocking your secret power (the strength of extra-tender right boobery!)

Anonymous said...

Ahhh, the sore boob. Yes, I have months where one hurts like hell and the other one doesn't and then months where they both hurt or neither hurt. Hmmmm, maybe an alien is growing and preparing to pop out of your boob....

Anonymous said...

LMAO you are hilarious... sorry I've never had 1 boob sore and not the other before AF arrived. Maybe you're holding more tension in that side of your body, maybe you slept on that boob weird?

Tina said...

Hahaha!!!! Too funny! Before AF arrives I have the most unbelievable pain in the boobies and sometimes one hurts more than the other! That's why the amount of sex drops of significantly after O and towards AF!!!!

Melissa G said...

Hmmm, that's tricky. I will say that I have learned throughout the yearS that my pms varies. And the ladies I know that have gotten their BFP say they felt like AF was coming... So take what you will from that. Oh and the one boob thing is bizarre. I get sore boobs every month but never jsut one.

Crossing my fingers for you!!!

Fertility Chick said...

LOL - love all the suggestions and theories! Here's mine - maybe the right side of my body is my 'dominant' side. After all, I write with my right hand and lord knows my right ovary is the only one pulling for the team most of the time! So maybe my right boob is joining forces? Who knows?! No AF though!

Beautiful Mess said...

LOL I love your theory! You might have something there!

Nosaby said...

Oh dear. I've been there. Some months major boob pain, with sharp, stabbing pains. And yet..... Hormones are tricky things. Good luck!

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