Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Strep and antibiotics and hives! Oh my!

Remember me?  Again.

I swear to you Internetz that I had all the good intentions of following up after my last post.

But then I got sick.  Really sick.

I thought it was swimmers ear so I was treating it with an over-the-counter ear drop. 

The fact that the glands on the left side of my neck were practically popping out should have been a clue that it wasn't just swimmers ear.

Note: NEVER Google "swollen neck glands."  Just don't.

Post-freak out and one week later, I finally dragged myself to the clinic convinced that I had a more serious ear infection.

Turns out I didn't.  My ears were fine.  My throat on the other hand was a hot mess.

One gag-filled strep test later and yours truly walked away with my first prescription for antibiotics in I don't know how long.

So I googled the antibiotics I was taking.

Do you think I had learned from before?

Note: sometimes some things are best left un-Googled.

But a week into the antibiotics and I was feeling much better and having none of the awful side effects that I had been warned about.

Until the one night I noticed a small rash on my arm.   By bedtime it was all over my upper arms and travelling down my back.

By morning I was covered, and I mean covered in hives.

But did I stop taking my antibiotic?

Of course not!  I was going to finish those ten days!

So I returned to the doctor.  Even more miserable.

She took one look at me, told me to stop taking the antibiotics and for the next five days I was on prednisone, antihistamines, and a topical lotion.

It took three very long days to even turn a corner.  But eventually the hives started to go away.

So here I am.  Strep free.  Hive free.  And back. 



Mrs. Gamgee said...

Oh my... Not fun. We had a run of the mill cold/flu this summer that ended taking up residence in my lungs for almost a month. Not a good time. Poor Pip seems to be the most susceptible to cold bugs, and he becomes the world's most prolific snot machine.

I'm glad you're feeling better, and I hope you'll be back again soon!

Motleymommy said...

Oh NO!!!! Stubborness and Dr Google do not always help in getting better faster! ;)

Glad you are now on the mend!

Hope your back to blogging again (says the girl who hasnt posted since July......)

Unknown said...

Yikes! Glad you're feeling better!


Sarah Stanley said...

You did a good job by not stop taking your antibiotics.
Glad that you are feeling well...
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Unknown said...

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