Friday, January 14, 2011


Internetz, I have this truly awesome friend who, for the sake of anonymity, let's call her Bean (as in coffee bean - since she loves a latte as much as I do!)

Bean and I get together for lunch (and lattes) often. She is one of few "real life" friends that knows my whole IF drama and was even one of my references for this whole adoption process. Bean has three kids of her own - one away at university, one in Grade 8, and one in Grade 6. They're great kids - Irish Boy and I are especially close to her two youngest.

Well Bean has a bit of a crush on a lovely man she met recently - and they have an impending coffee date.

She joked with her daughter in Grade 8 (let's call her Mini Bean because she's got her mom's quick wit and sassy personality) that if he happened to call to go for coffee, she'd have to cancel her lunch date with me to see him.

Here's how it went:

Bean: I'm having lunch with Fertility Chick tomorrow, but I guess if Mr. X calls about coffee, I'll have to blow her off!

Mini-Bean: Mom! You can't do that!

Bean: (laughing) Why not?!

Mini-Bean: Bros before ho's, Mom, bros before ho's! FC is your "bro" - you can't blow her off. It's against the friendship code.

Bean: (in hysterics)

I love me that Mini-Bean.

Also? Bean did meet me for lunch.

Because you know, bros before ho's.


BigP's Heather said...

She is an amazing mother because that is truly a rule to live by. Guys will come and go but a true "bro" will always be there for you and you shouldn't cancel on her...especially for a "ho".


T Lee said...

That's awesome. My friends and I (in High School) always said 'chicks before dicks,' though.

Bobbi said...

Duh! Everybody knows bros before hos. :)

Chelle (hanwayink) said...

hahahah so funny!

Jem said...

Hilarious! Friends are the best.

Cheers said...

Hehe thanks for the chuckle!!!

Anonymous said...

I always thought it was Chics before Dicks?

Jennifer Bruno said...

What a smart girl Mini Bean is!!! :-) Cute story!

Kerrik said...

Very cute. Made me chuckle :)

Future Mama said...

Psh hahaha!!!!

Much love,
Future Mama

PCOSChick said...

HAHA! That is great & totally just made my day :)

Kelly said...

Kids are hilarious. This is totally something my daughter would say.

Circus Princess said...

Such a brilliant young lady, she knows the secrets to good friendship already LOL!

Kristin said...

Bwahahahahaha...such wisdom hiding behind some wicked humor.

Life Happens said...

Thanks for the good laugh! It's good to have friends who know the code!

Life Happens said...

Thanks for the good laugh! It's good to have friends who know the code!

Anonymous said...

LOL very cute ;)

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