Monday, October 11, 2010


A big Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow Canadian Internetz out there!

Yes, we Canucks get our turkey early and let me tell you, I absolutely adore this time of year. The fall is definitely my favourite season and I am surrounded by the glorious reds, oranges, and yellows of the changing trees. I am so thankful at this time of year to live where I do. It's like getting to watch nature's canvas in all it's glory on my commute each and every day!

Of course, I also get to enjoy this tonight:

I. CANNOT. WAIT. I am very thankful for Thanksgiving dinner. YUM.

But most of all? I am thankful for you, dear Internetz. Ever so thankful.


Rach said...

MM, looks yummy. I have to wait until 11/25 for ours!

BigP's Heather said...

Happy Thanksgiving!!! I SO wish I was eating at your house tonight! I don't want to wait over a month for the yumminess!!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm on my second Pumpkin Pie here, and we still have over a month to go for Turkey!

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving! I had no idea my Canadian friends celebrate a whole month earlier! I'm green with envy and clearly need a Canadian bff IRL! Seriously, I hope that you enjoy yourself - immensely!

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Yum I love thanksgiving dinner. It's one of my favorite meals.

Mrs. Gamgee said...

My turkey is roasting, my dressing is made, and my pumpkin maple cheesecake is chilling. I LOVE LOVE LOVE thanksgiving!!!

Happy Turkey day to you and yours!

Mad Hatter said...

Sooooo thankful for you, too, FC! Happy Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! I just love love love the foliage pic! Happy Thanksgiving!

Chelle said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

I totally love the fall too. I decorate for it because it is my favorite season. I also buy "fall-scented" air fresheners. :D

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