Friday, August 27, 2010

BlogHer $100 Question

$100 Question Promo Graphic
You guys! I'm so excited. I was chosen by BlogHer to be today's $100 question! Yay!

For those of you who are asking yourselves, "Uh, so? What's in it for me?"

How about $100?!

Want to answer my question for your chance to win $100? Then click here and take part in the fun!

It's been fun to read the answers so far - but I can't wait to see what some of my fellow blog friends have to say. Knowing that many of you can relate to how trying to spawn can sometimes put a damper on things like oh, passion and romance, I think this question is kind of fitting!

Did I mention you could win $100 just by answering my question? Because you can. Seriously. $100. Dude, what are you waiting for?!

Happy Friday!


Allison said...

Uhm. I suppose I should have read the other responses before talking about 'Passion In A Cup.'

Those people are, like, serious and shit.


Allison said...

Aw, hell, and I posted it twice. Damnit, I suck at Interneting.

I totally thought BlogHer was an infertility thing (since I've read about the conference on so many IF blogs). Huh.

tishi said...

Wahoo, $100....I want that.....I'm going to comment RIGHT NOW!!

Lynn said...

Ooops, looks like I missed the contest. Not sure what I would have answered anyway....we don't really do anything special. Having said that, we are going away for a romantic weekend in November. I guess maybe that counts? Anyway, congrats on being chosen!

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