Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Not tonight, I have a headache

I'd be totally lying if I didn't pull that excuse on Irish Boy once or twice when I so wasn't in the mood. Until he found out that having, well, you know, can actually relieve headaches. I kid you not. So whenever I complain of headaches now you should see the bloody look on his face. It's like it's Christmas!

I am going somewhere with this.

So we tried (the) moxa on the weekend. We did not burn down our house. We did not burn each other. Us - 2; Comedy of errors - 0. Well, I almost burned Irish Boy, but that's just between you and me. Let's not share that with him.

I just had one moxa on my abdomen and found it quite relaxing. We were told to place a thin piece of fresh ginger between our skin and the moxa so to be honest I didn't really feel any warmth. I'll have to talk to the ND about this tomorrow.

There was a lot of smoke. Our bedroom was filled with moxa scent for the rest of the night - even with the windows open. The smell is certainly an interesting one!

We were supposed to be doing this regularly, but I confess we haven't since that day. I got the worst headache afterwards. I don't know if it was the moxa, but it was brutal. I do occasionally get headaches - sometimes triggered by the weather (and it was very warm that weekend after a cold spell) - so I'm not sure if I can really blame doing moxa but I've been reluctant to do it since.

Has anyone had that happen to them? Since I'm going for acupuncture tomorrow I'm going to ask the ND about this because I don't want to give up on it after one try!

But I have to say, after hearing others' experiences and doing some more reading, I'm definitely intrigued and will definitely give this another try.

In other news, the ND has me using those bloody OPK's again this month so we're back into the dramz that is "will Fertility Chick actually ovulate this month?!" I had a super faint second line (OPK, remember, OPK!) today, CD-14, but who the hell knows what will happen. We shall see!

I do have news on the exercise front - but will save that for another day!


Mrs. Gamgee said...

I have to make sure my Beloved doesn't find out about that little tidbit about headaches... otherwise my migraines could take on a new frightening dimension ;)

Good luck with the OPKs! (they are little rotters, aren't they?)

Anonymous said...

You should ask your ND to give you a moxa stick. It's easier to use at home since you just light one end and hold it over (not against) the area you want to warm. I used it for endo pain, and it was fantastic! Good for stress relief too. When my acupuncturist did the moxa in her office, she uses it the way you did, but without the ginger. She'd just ask me to say as soon as it felt warm and she'd swipe it away immediately so it didn't burn. She'd also use a Burt's Bee's beeswax lip balm stick on the spot before she put the moxa down, so maybe you could try that?

Hope you have a better experience next time!

Milla said...

Glad to hear that you and IB had a go at the moxa but I'm sorry to hear about your headache. I haven't experienced that but I hope that it doesn't return and that you can enjoy the moxa.

I'm also on ovulation watch and trying to be optimistic. I hope that everything goes well for you this cycle. Lots of good wishes and I will check back for the exercise news!

zengirl said...

Sex relieves headaches? Really? I heard that sex relieves cramps too-that one definitely doesn't work for me! :-(

And I've definitely never had headaches from moxa. If you're not feeling any warmth, then I think it is probably the smell that's affecting you. The moxa I'm doing is however a bit different from yours-the needles are stuck into me first, and then each one is slowly heated with a huge cigar-like moxa stick. Slow and steady heating is better than quick and intense for me. Anyway, check with your ND and let us know what she says.

OPKs can be such a bitch! I can't believe I've bawled my eyes out over those sticks! Hope you see some nice lines on them soon!

addingtothepack said...

TFO believes that sex cures almost all ills -- headaches, cramps, bumps and bruises...the list goes on and on. He's a very optimistic man.

Anonymous said...

I am definitely curious about the moxa....i think that I am going to look into seeing if there is anyone near my RE's office that is ND.

junebug said...

My hubby heard that same damn report. We should hunt down whatever man put out the report!
Although I have to admit it usually works but I'll never tell my man that.

Thankfully Thrifty said...

OMG the headaches part cracked me up! My hubby would do the same!

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