Tuesday, April 3, 2012


It seems the months slip by with just a blink of the eye these days! I confess it's work that has had me absent the most. This week in particular is absolutely crazy busy - hence the quick updates below. But I'm here! And I'm blogging! So that kind of counts, right?

*Our one pug has had a heck of a time health wise. Since late summer we've been spending a great deal of time (and money!) at our vet. But that wee pug is a trooper - she's fought pancreatitis, a diabetes diagnosis (all of Irish Boy's needles for my IF treatments weren't in vain! He now gives the dog two needles a day!), and most recently the poor wee dog had to have one of her eyes removed. Given her general health (she's a puppy mill rescue), this dog has more moxie than anyone I know. Surgery for the eye went very well - and now she looks like she's winking at us!

*The girls are both well. We had a good, albeit fairly quiet March Break. One was super sick with a cold/flu bug that had her down and out for most of the week. The highlight was getting to see the movie, "The Lorax" at the end of the week when everyone was finally feeling better.

*I am DESPERATE to see "The Hunger Games" movie. So much so that I just re-read the entire series. Have you seen it? Tell me your thoughts below!

*We celebrate Easter, so I'm prepping for a big Easter weekend -- mostly for the girls. Egg hunts, Easter baskets, the whole nine yards. Tonight they're going to see the Easter Bunny at the mall for photos. I figure I may as well take advantage of their delight in things like this while I can -- in a couple more years this will probably be a no go!

*As busy (but fun) a week as this will be, I'm looking forward to things getting a bit quieter (wishful thinking?!) and hopefully being able to devote more time again to this blog...and to Twitter. I am so out of the loop!

Hope you are well, Internetz! I appreciate any and all Hunger Game movie updates! Also, what Easter candy is calling to you these days? Mini Eggs and the caramel Cadbury eggs call me regularly!


Unknown said...

thanks for the updates - I should do something similar...

I got to see Hunger Games yesterday - it was great! Not enough Cinna for me ;)

Happy Easter! Hope things settle down soon!

Unknown said...

Loved the Hunger Games so much, that I suffered a night of 9th grade boys & girls at the movie premier, got hit with a penny in the back of the head, and went to work on 3.5 hours of sleep... just to see it. It was wonderful, and I highly recommend it. I am a twilight fan, and it blows Twilight out of the water.

Anonymous said...

I started reading them yesterday. I read until midnight, and have read every spare moment I have had since.

I haven't seen the movie. My sister did, and said that if you have any tendancy towards motion sickness to take a drammamine before going. :)

Anonymous said...

It's so great to "hear" from you. :) I'm glad things are going well. I just went and saw the Hunger Games this weekend, and I LOVED it. It stays pretty true to the book. Let me know what you think when you go to see it!

BigP's Heather said...

Glad to hear from you!

I am a huge fan of the books so I expected to be disappointed in the movie but I wasn't. The dress on fire is amazing. Cinna is sexy as hell. It was bouncy and I had to turn away twice. I wanted them to do something more awesome with the tracker jacker hallucinations. I didn't like how the mockingjay pin gets introduced. I didn't like how they did the mutts. I thought they should have let Cato suffer longer so it showed Katniss killing him as a kindness. I didn't picture Haymitch that way, but it was played brilliantly. I had some issues with the parachutes but nothing major. Um, that is all I can think of in these two minutes...

It seems like I didn't like a lot looking on that list but I really did love it. I think they did an excellent job, especially under time constraints. YOU HAVE TO SEE IT!

Jonelle said...

Ooh your poor pug :( We just adopted a new kitten in December from the shelter and he had ringworm. We spent more time at the vet for him then we ever had for out older cat. He's all better now.

I loved the Hunger Games film. You have to see it! I too expected to be disappointed with it, but I wasn't. All those kids performances were brilliant. The pacing of the film was great. Some of the changes they made were so minor, you didn't really notice.

I'm actually glad that they didn't show the mutts like what is mentioned in the book.

Babylicious said...

Just saw it yesterday---loved it! I'm always impressed when a book with so much internal monologue can be made into a movie and still get the point across--you'll love it!

Grega said...


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Unknown said...

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