Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Working Girl

Hey Internetz,

One of the biggest challenges I've found since adopting - and returning to work full-time - is finding the time to do much else! Between work and family - by the end of the day I'm beat!

Hence my lack of blogging. Ahem.

Yeah, I'm working on that.

My job is such that it has me hopping all hours of the day. Sometimes I have to work evenings. I work weekends. So finding that important family time has really been key for us as we're finding our way as a forever family. And I'll be honest, I often feel guilty for having to rush off to "work commitments" when I know my girls would rather have me at home.

But in the midst of trying to balance career and family, some of my other "loves" have been put on the back burner. My blogging for one. Even my Internet time in general.

Reading doesn't happen all that often and the amount of time we sometimes spend on a given evening to catch up on favourite shows that aren't for the girls is kind of laughable.

Don't get me wrong, Internetz, I wouldn't trade this for the world. For. The. World.

But for all those other moms out there -- how do you balance it? Do you give yourself "me" time? How often?

And if you're in a career that you love - how do you give it - and your family equal time and commitment? Or can - and should you?

PS - A dear Blogger, Maddy, lost her mom recently. Her blog is private, so you're not able to share words of support there (unless you're one of her readers) - but please take some moments to think of her and her family during this difficult time. Love to you Maddy. xo


Allison said...

Is that Mad Hatter Maddy? Regardless, I will keep her in my thoughts. I'm so glad things are foing well, if crazy busy. I love my job, and am lucky to be able to work 4 days/ week. That helps my balance tremendously. About once a week, though, I have to get away for a little me time - and going to the grocery without a baby doesnt count. I'm a slow adjuster. I didnt know I was so used to my alone time until it was nil. LOL
Good to hear from you!!

A.B. said...

My "baby" is just now 19 months... oh I'm still claiming months even though I judge that... whatevs.

I'm just NOW willing to give up time for personal time. And still feel guilty. But when I do it, I feel like I'm a better mom for it.

I think, though, if it were all work that I were gone for I would have more guilt (not to encourage crazy mom guilt, which I suffer from) but to say that you need to do some fun stuff too. That's it.

Mom guilt is a bitch.

Mad Hatter said...

FC....so sweet of you to write this...I didn't read many blogs from around the time my Mom passed and so I missed this....thank you....and I'm sorry to hear you're sick - hope you feel much better soon so you can go see Hunger Games - I loved the books and the movie

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