Wednesday, May 11, 2011

One Step Closer

Another day, another meeting, Internetz. Later this afternoon we meet with the kids' foster parents. I have been assured by our worker that this is more of a (great!) opportunity to hear about day to day routines, learn more about the kids, and have great resources right in front of us to ask questions.

So in other words, there shouldn't be any new, potentially earth-shattering information, as much as this is a chance to learn even more about the girls. We will give their worker our photobook at this meeting and I'm guessing that within the next week she'll be showing it to them. This will let them see us, our house, our dogs, and more. It's a way of introducing their "forever home" to them in a gentle way before we even actually meet.

We have a couple of more meetings next week (it never ends!) and then I'm hoping that we'll get the good news that at long last, we can finally meet the girls in person. The thought of this terrifies me (what if they hate us?!) and makes me teary (these are OUR girls) all at once.

In ironic fertility news, remember my period? The one that is usually AWOL for months at a time unless I take the crazy-inducing Provera? Well the little bugger showed up yesterday - within 43 days (this is good for my random, PCOS body) and is "text book perfect". Not that this means anything for us - Irish Boy still has no sperm - and it's not like one semi-regular period has my body completely back on track. But really? My period is such a douche.

Will update again soon - I so appreciate all of the prayers, words of support and excitement you all are sharing with us! Irish Boy and I are eternally grateful to all of you who have stayed the course with us and continue to cheer us on.

Love to you all,


Cherbear said...

this is SO SO exciting!! You get to meet your girls soon!

kkasun said...

Such great news!!!

Future Mama said...

I am SO excited for you!!!

Much love,
Future Mama

clewis said...

You must be so so excited!!! I'm sure the meeting will go well with the girls when you get to see them. Take the time with the foster parents to find out all the small things about the girls. What age are the girls? I remember you saying they are a bit older? have fun and I really look forward to hearing how it goes.

BigP's Heather said...


Carlia said...

wow, things are moving along quickly. SO exciting!!!

Logical Libby said...

Your period is a douche. It should be helping you paint, not playing games.

Good luck!

Jen Has A Pen said...

I'm getting so excited for you. I know it's got to be one of those things where you can't allow yourself to get toooo excited, but how hard that must be!

Thinking of you on the regular!

Ayisha said...

Very exciting! My adopted son is now 7 months old, and I noticed that as soon as he was in my life, my periods regulated themselves without Provera! I think it might be a hormone issue.

Fran said...

My heart is exploding with joy for you both, I can't wait to read how it went!

Anonymous said...

So exciting! I hope the process is still going smoothly and going well!

Erin Hall said...

Please update your new good news. I can only guess from your tweets. I love to hear good news! Congratulations.

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