Wednesday, November 10, 2010

First Love

I want to share with you my first love, Internetz.

But it's not exactly *that* kind of first love.

Here, let me show you a picture:

There she is, our very first car. Sure Irish Boy and I had cars before - but for me, my previous cars were always my parents - lended to me only on occasion. But the Beetle, well she was just ours. We picked her up on our first wedding anniversary (totally not planned, but how cool is that?) and she was my dream car.

I'm not kidding, Internetz, a VW Bug was (is) my dream car. Forget fancy sports cars or SUV-whatevers, give me a Beetle and I'm a happy girl.

We had her for 11 years and over 303,000 km (I think that's approximately 180,000+ miles for my American friends). But last week, it was time to put her to pasture.

We've got a new car now...and it's nice. In time, I will no doubt love it like our Beetle. It's probably more practical - bigger, roomier, four doors - planned for our hopes of having a family.

But as crazy as it sounds, I'm in a bit of mourning for my Bug. It was hard for me to walk away leaving her at the dealership, not knowing where she'd end up.

Our wee Bug drove us through 11 years of marriage - she took us on many road trip adventures to the States, throughout Ontario and beyond. The Beetle drove us to the Ice Hotel outside of Quebec City for Irish Boy's 30th birthday (that totally merits another post - such an amazing experience!). She drove us north when we moved out of the city and took me to work each and every day. The Bug became familiar with frequent trips for lattes with dear friends and carried me through countless infertility appointments, wandings, IUIs and more.

The Beetle supported us as we both sat in shock after learning about Irish Boy's IF issues and cradled us as we sobbed. She became my safe place after failed IUIs, giving me moments of solace before wiping away the tears and returning to work as if all was well.

As I type this and think about just how many places - how many memories - that car holds for us - the tears flow yet again like I'm saying goodbye to a dear friend.

What was your first car, Internetz? And does it hold any special place in your heart?

11 years ago, when we picked her up on August 7, there was a (fake) pink gerbera flower in the wee vase on the dash - a tradition of the Beetle.

I kept the flower. It now rests in the visor of my new wheels -- reminding me of all that was sweet -- and keeping me hopeful of what may come.


Waiting Lisa said...

Aww. I had a really hard time saying good-bye to my first car too. All the memories. <3

Mrs. Gamgee said...

Sadly, my first car wasn't that special... a 1989 Skoda. But I do understand. Petey the PT cruiser, as much as I came to despise that car (he was a lemon), was purchased to be our family car, and I have bittersweet memories of good and bad ultrasounds and doctor appointments tied up with that vehicle. It was hard when we sent him on his way.

Kristin said...

My first car wasn't that great it was a rattle trap, old, tin box Honda Civic. My parents bought that one for me.

The first car I bought myself was a Ford Escort and she lasted for almost 300,000 miles. That said, I didn't love her. The car I loved beyond reason and was so sad to see go was my Mustang. Some day I will have one again.

Fran said...

I soo love the bug too!!

Stephanie said...

I'm lucky, I haven't had to say goodbye to my first car as it now resides at my parents home. My dad just couldn't part with it. A James Bond blue BMW z3 was my Sweet 16 gift from my parents and after driving it during high school, when I went away to college I needed something bigger. My dad just couldn't part with it so now it lives in their garage.

I can't imagine all the memories of the Beetle, but at least you have the memories and hopefully new and positive memories will take place in the new car!

Michelle said...

Awww..such a sweet post.
My first real car was my Saturn and she is mine and mine alone. She is the only thing I have that is not shared with my husband. And her engine died 6 months ago, and she's still sitting my driveway. :( I undertsand!

Suzy, Not a Fertile Myrtle said...

Awww...bye bye sweet bug. My very first car was a VW Golf. And just last year I had to say goodbye to my VW Passat.

Sad day.

Love that you still have the pink flower!

Melissa Garvey said...

Love the flower! My first car was a white, '97 Toyota Corolla. That little thing hauled me all over the US until hubby came along. We kept his Jetta and sold mine to another happy couple.

A.B. said...

In high school I used to leave all of the doors unlocked on my car in hopes someone would steal it. My grandfather found it in the yard of one of his rent houses. LUCKY ME.

Chelle (hanwayink) said...

awww, always had a soft spot for silver bugs. In fact, I was going to get a personalized plate for my fictional bug "SLVRBUG"

The first car I ever owned was the Hyundai Tucson we bought three years ago - ie our current car. Before that, I was either a bus person or drove J's Crapalier.

And I love that you picked up the bug on your anniversary!

Rebecca said...

Aw, so sorry to hear you had to let go of the bug. I love Bugs too...but the old classic bugs. My dream car would be a 1974 SuperBeetle, red, with red and white interior with ladybugs on the dash. I'm weird, I know. LOL

Sweet that you kept the flower!

Anonymous said...

<3 I remember when I totaled my beloved was so very sad. I believe that I actually cried when they towed her away.

Lu said...

The first car I loved like that was a 1991 Corolla that my parents got for me when I graduated from high school. I cried the day I wrecked it into oblivion, and not because I was hurt.

Of course, five years ago, I bought a big Honda Pilot to put lots of kids in and it's still empty. Poo!

Anonymous said...

The car I was saddest (almost devastated) to see go was the 1979 Aspen station wagon named Thaddeus that we drove around for the first 13 years of my life. It had vinyl seats that your ass stuck to in the summer, no air, and the floor was rusting through (we always made jokes about it being a Flinstone car) but I cried when we finally got rid of it. I still have the Aspen decal from it somewhere.

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