Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Confession Time

You guys! First thanks to everyone who posted comments about great hand lotions that will help a girl out in this awful cold weather. I have a good list of recommendations thanks to you all and I'm hitting the stores to try them out! Will keep you posted.

So tomorrow is the big diabetes test. Let's all take bets on how many times I will have to assure the lab technicians that this is NOT a gestational diabetes test and that I'm NOT pregnant. Seriously, I will not be one to be messed with tomorrow. I have to stop eating by 10 p.m. this evening and can't have anything until the test is all over and done with.

I also have to get up at the crack of dawn (shortly after 5 a.m. which is ungodly in my world) in order to get ready to travel down to the big city. This and no morning coffee even to make life worth living.

To recap: I will be tired, hungry, uncaffeinated, grouchy, and anxious. Not a combo to mess with. Lab technicians, take heed!

I am pretty nervous, I must confess. I am so not a needle girl and even something as simple as bloodwork raises the ol' blood pressure a bit. It's been a while now since my regular blood letting and injections, so I'm out of practice! My veins seem to live underground so I'm always traumatized when I have to deal with someone new to take blood. To have to do it twice within the span of a few hours is equally disheartening.

Then there's the weird, sugary liquid that I have to drink between blood tests. That kind of freaks me out too. I have a quick gag reflex (sorry fellas) and I hope to Jeebus I don't barf the drink all over the hospital floor. (Related: watch the classic scene below in the movie, "The Goonies" when Chunk confesses his story about barfing in the cinema.)

But all of that seems like nothing compared to what the results could be. I have a major family history of Type II Diabetes. It runs rampant on my mother's side. Since yours truly has always dealt with weight issues and hasn't exactly been the poster child for healthy eating and exercise until more recently I hope I'm not totally screwed. The thought of having to inject myself with insulin 2-3 times daily like my mum makes me just want to pass out. But, one day at a time n' all, I'll wait and see what all this brings before I really start losing my mind.

Fortunately Irish Boy has the day off tomorrow and is able to travel down with me. Send him lots of good vibes as he'll be dealing with the brunt of my "no food" bitchiness. I'm grateful he'll be with me though, he is the calm to my crazy so I know I'll get through.

Will keep you all posted on the events of tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed for me and pray for any and all lab techs who have to come into my path!


Marla.z said...

Ugh! Those fasting b/w tests are the worst! Good luck tmr!

Ashley @ Germato.com said...

I hope everything goes well tomorrow!

Circus Princess said...

Good luck tomorrow, I've got my fingers crossed for good news!

Mrs. Gamgee said...

Sending prayers, crossing fingers, and hoping for a very strong gag reflex tomorrow!

Andrea said...

On a positive note...won't it feel good to have this behind you :) Hugs, as I know testing is NEVER fun and I hate blood draws too. Although, I have to admit, I don't get nearly as worked up about them as I used to. Suppose I've been stuck so many times I've gotten used to it.

Take care of you and know that we are rallying you on!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the test. I did it once and the drink stuff is gross. I had to work really hard to keep it down, but I did it. You can do this.

B. said...

Good luck! I had my test (mine was for GD, but it's the same test, I think) this morning. I was more worried about the uncomfortable chairs than the drink or the needle sticks. Luckily, they had a recliner (for people who need their blood drawn lying down) and let me sit/lie on that for my whole 3 hours. That made up for the lack of breakfast and nasty orange beverage (it wasn't that bad... just sweet with a wierd aftertaste that washed away easily with a glass of water).

Again, good luck!

junebug said...

My fingers will be crossed for you. I've been fearing and putting off that test myself.
Love Goonies. Nice clip.

addingtothepack said...

Good luck tomorrow! I hope Irish Boy avoids becoming collateral damage. :) May all the lab techs be competent (but not too perky), keep their mouths shut about pregnancy and hit the vein the first time, every time.

Kristin said...

Good luck! Keeping my fingers crossed for you.

Beautiful Mess said...

Good luck, love! I'll be sending you lots of "no diabetes for Fertility Chick" vibes!

Anonymous said...

Good luck will be thinking of you... and those poor lab techies!

Anonymous said...

Good luck today!

Shanny said...

Good luck!!!

the good eggs said...

Fingers crossed for you. I get incredibly mean if I can't eat before going to the doctor, so I know what you mean.

Beckie said...

Thinking about you today and hoping your appointment went well!

Elisabeth said...


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