Sunday, January 3, 2010

Frickin' Freezin'

Oh Internetz, up here in the Great White North we are getting one heck of a wintry blast today!

It's currently -15 or -28 with the windchill, which, as my father would say, "would freeze the balls off a brass monkey!" Tis true.

The roads are a mess with snow squalls and blowing snow and I am grateful that both Irish Boy and I made it home from our respective places o' biz safely.

Two of our three dogs are currently giving us the evil eye for making them go out there amid the snow drifts. The third is wagging his tail after a romp in the white stuff that he loves. I can sense that my two 'divas' are going to be a right pain in the ass for the next couple of days when I attempt to get them outside to pee.

But it's nice to be home with the gas fireplace roaring and enjoying the view of winter's splendour from our windows.

Which leads me to a question for you. With this crazy cold weather my hands are so dry and chapped, I'm dying here! So I need your help Internetz. Do you have a particular hand cream that you swear by in the winter months? Or for my friends in warmer climates (henceforth known as "You lucky buggers!"), do you have a brand that works well? I've tried a few different brands from the drugstore but nothing is really providing any satisfactory relief.

So help a freezing Canuck out! Post your favourite hand lotions below.

Thanks - and stay warm!


jenicini said...

My sister, the alligator skin queen, loves Cetaphil cream. Stay warm!

Goodyear Family said...

I absoluetely love victoria's secret pure seduction. I have dry skin (I so miss humidity) and when dry I lather that on. It's not greasy, smells great, and my hands feel great!

junebug said...

Been looking for something good myself so I will be checking back to see what others suggest. :-)
I have two dogs who don't like to potty in the cold snow either. I feel your pain. Of course, if they could just learn how to use the toilet.

SecretSisterhood said...

Burt's Bees Almond Milk Beeswax Hand Creme. It's a bit greasy, but it works well if you put it on your hands every night before bed.

Mrs. Gamgee said...

Oh honey, can I ever relate! My mother refers to these kinds of temps as 'snappin assholes' cold. We're having lots of cold cold cold days too out here on the flatland. Just no snow... thank heaven.

So, let's talk hand lotion! I actually don't use 'hand' lotion any more because I found it didn't moisturize enough. I have two favourites... The Ave.eno extra moisturizing nighttime body lotion (with the burgundy cap) is great. So is the signature collection body lotion from Bat.h & Bod.y works (I like the honeysuckle scent). Both really get in there and does the trick. The Ave.eno seems to heal the cracks and irritations.

Illanare said...

Neutrogena Norwegian formula hand cream. A little goes a long way and you have to work it in very well but - IMO a handsaver!

Carrie said...

Olay's new lotion, Quench Body Lotion, is amazing! I got it after finding this rebate and am in love with it!

You can get two full sized bottles (they run about $7 each) for free by rebate through 1/29/10!


Anonymous said...

Oh, I couldn't handle that cold! I was grumpy about it being 21 degrees this morning!

I actually just use coconut oil - it feels fantastic (and smells great too), and I use it all over (including my face).

PCOStory said...

I used to have to be in and out of water all the time, my hands would be cracked all winter! I found 2 things that worked 1. Jergan's Pure Cashmere soap, but I'm not sure they make that anymore.. But I would follow that up with Clinique Dramatically different (yeah the face stuff) on my hands, it kept them from cracking. The part about your dogs cracked me up, my dog is a snow lover, too.. His favorite sport is "snowfriz"... Catching the frisbee in the snow!

Tina said...

Wow, that's cold. I don't have a special cream as I live in a place that freaks out when we are below freezing! Good luck with the dogs - I couldn't force our's outside if it was that cold!

Anonymous said...

For regular day to day body moisturizing try Lush's Charity Pot - I love it 'cause it works and 100% of the proceeds go to charity.

For extreme hydration - Elizabeth Arden 8 hour hand cream.

Both pricey, but both work - trust me, I'm a prairie gal. I know what cold, dry weather does to your hands!

I hope the worst has passed for you.

Kristin said...

The two VERY BEST things for dry hands are Udderly Smooth (comes in a black and white jar and I know Wal-Mart carries it). Udderly Smooth is wonderful because it does a great job moisturizing without being greasy. The other no-fail moisturizer is lanolin. It works wonders.

NaVe said...

From freezing Canuck to freezing Canuck ..... Glysomed rocks! And totally affordable so you can slather it on a million times a day. Apt buildings in Toronto have the shittiest driest air in the winter from the heat & glysomed saves my knuckles every time! ;)

Lindsay-Weaver said...

One of my favorites is B & B Works True Blue Spa "Look Ma New Hands"- it's excellent. Another one that my pharmacist told me about and you can get without an Rx is Lac-Hydrin 5. This one doesn't even feel like a lotion really, and has alpha-hydroxy in it. It's not greasy at all, and is great at softening and exfoliating dry skin. This winter is my first, and we've had negative temperatures, and my hands are still not cracking. So, between those two lotions, I've been good this year!

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