Thursday, January 28, 2010

Decision Time

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Internetz, how all kinds of awesome are you? Seriously wicked ideas posted about my dilemma of possibly having to travel with injections and nosy co-workers. You are all so creative! But I do appreciate all of the comments. I really do!

That said...

It's funny how the universe sometimes makes decisions for you. Remember how I was oh so certain that my body was sticking it to PCOS this month and I was starting my period all by my big self?

Yeah, well, not so much. The spotting continued yesterday and while I was certain that by today we would be rolling out the red carpet down in Ladyville as it were, it, uh, stopped. Yeah, stopped. Excuse me while I say, "oh for the fuck of shit!" Damn PCOS.

I called the fertility clinic and talked to my beloved Nurse Awesome. While I'm pretty sure this is my body's attempt at a period, Nurse Awesome assured me that unfortunately this really wasn't going to cut it. Especially since last month was only spotting as well.

So now I'm onto Plan B. I go into the clinic for blood work tomorrow morning. Deep breath. For the first time since the summer, I'll be walking in there. It's rather surreal. Would you believe I actually have to have a beta? For the love of all things holy unless I've been knocked up immaculately I'm pretty certain we're good to go. It looks like I'm going to have to go the route of Provera to get things rolling down in Ladyville.

I don't know why, but I always feel like a failure for having to use Provera. Please know that this is totally my ridiculous issue. One of many, dear Internetz, one of many. Could someone please tell me that Provera could in fact be the trusty sidekick I need to clean out Ladyville and prepare the way for a bay-bey? Even if you're lying, I'd believe you and I need to hear it.

Issues aside, Provera it is, blood work all being well. While it's not the route I had initially been planning on, it does mean that I will be spared the whole injection fiasco while I'm away next weekend. Though I am kind of sad that I can't at least use some of your fine excuses after all that. I was so ready to be a vitamin B-deficient, diabetic, IV druggie! Damn.

Though I'm sure my Provera-induced rage may be enough to make my co-workers wish I was injecting something!


LMJ said...

An old doctor I had wanted to prescribe me birth control to regulate my period, and then I could ovulate more often. But I didn't take it. I just let mother nature take its course. Of course, I didn't have PCOS.

Kristin said...

Gah, blood work sucks. See, I think Provera is a great sidekick. I'm picturing you in a super heroine costume with a big FC for Fertility Chick emblazoned across your chest and your trusty sidekick Provera cleaning things up after you kick ass and take names.

Beautiful Mess said...

lol i love kristin's image! let provera do your dirty work, love. i'll be sending you good juju for your appointment.

Kelly said...

Oh yuck. I'm sorry she's been torturing you and hasn't officially shown.

Good luck with your appointment! I hope the Provera does the trick and the witch shows soon.

Jen @ After The Alter said...

Oh no I'm so sorry:( At least you have a new plan of attack?

Anonymous said...

Oh, come on AF! Why can't she ever play along? I hope the doctor's appointment goes well and Provera does the trick. :)

Anonymous said...

I don't mind provera because it means it will kick my body into gear and make af show already. I doubt I would be able to get my period with out it a lot of the time. I hope things go well with your appointment and using the provera.

daega99 said...

I hope it gets things going, even though it is a PITA!

Jessica said...

Thank you so much for stopping by blog yesterday! I'm your newest follower :) Glad you found me!

Fran said...

oh sweetie, I know you know this but I thought I tell you anyway. In IF, nothing can make you feel like a fiasco. It's a bloody hard road and you've got to do what you've got to do. So no silly thoughts, it's definitely the way to go and get started with the excitement! Love, Fran

Holly said...

we're all behind you and provera really IS your trusty sidekick in ladyville. This isn't something you can control so provera lets you take control! I say that's a good thing :)

Anonymous said...

Ugh, for fucks sake, AF COME ON!!!!!!!

Provera will kick AF's ass and get her moving. I've had to take Prometrium before to get AF in gear. Irritating, yes but it did the job.

And here I was selfishly hoping for entertaining blogs about all your secret injecting adventures at the retreat.

PCOStory said...

Feel your pain on the blood work. I love your blogs they make me laugh. It's like reading my own thoughts.

Anonymous said...

This cracked me up. Provera is the only thing (besides Clomid) that gets me to menstruate....I have quite a love/hate relationship with it. I hope this is the last time you have to take it....and that your RE prescribes it already today!

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