Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Internetz, I have to get this off my chest.

I have been off of Metformin for almost a month now in order to prepare for my big diabetes test next week. I had to go off of it for at least a month in order for the results to be accurate.

After I do the test next week, it will be a good three weeks before I get in to see the PCOS specialist and get all of the results. So all in all, it could be February before I see the likes of my beloved Met again.

I feel like I'm going crazy here and I've been reluctant to post about it. But I have to do something, lest I go really and truly mad.

Ever since going off of Metformin I find my cravings for sweets and carbs - especially at night time - out of control. In the past couple of months I had really gotten my night time eating (the bane of my existence) sorted and was enjoying healthy apples and the like as snacks. Now all I want is popcorn, cookies, anything salty or sweet. At first I just chalked it up to the holidays and all of the treats and special meals. But I'm not sure if that's just it.

On top of this are feelings of anxiety and just general blahs. I feel like I'm battling the world's worst PMS - in spite of not getting a period this past month and having no clue what's going on down in Ladyville.

For my PCOS ladies who have had to go off of Metformin before, can you relate to any of this? Or could this be completely unrelated?

I feel like crying, screaming, and sometimes the littlest things make me want to fly off the handle. I guess the best way I can describe it is that I feel like I'm getting stressed out over even the little things. That, and I just feel out of sorts. I feel like I'm being left out and I'm not even sure why. Which in turns makes me feel the blues something fierce.

Being a true Libra, I just feel out of balance and I don't know if it's missing the Metformin.

After I get through the test next week, I'm tempted to just go back on my 1500 mg of Met until the PCOS Specialist tells me otherwise. This is what the fertility clinic had me on and the Specialist said it's on the lower end of dosages she'd have me on (if I need it). For my own sanity, perhaps I should?

I'm teetering on the brink of the crazies over here. Help a girl find her equilibrium again!


Mad Hatter said...

Oh poor you! I'm sorry you're feeling so lousy! I wish I knew something about Metformin, but alas I don't...your instinct to go back on it sounds good - is there someone you can confirm it with after your test, like the PCOS Specialist? Are you able to talk to them and tell them what's going on? In the meantime, be gentle and take good care of yourself - do whatever it takes to make yourself as comfortable as possible.
Thinking of you.

Kristin said...

I've never had to go on or off metformin but I know enough about medicine to say that it really does sound like you are reacting to being off the metformin. I hope things hit a level of equilibrium soon and you get everything balanced out.

Michelle said...

I just went off Met (1500 mg xr) because the new Re "doesn't believe in it". I'm unsure who to believe and have an appointment in Jan. to see Re#3. Until then, I took myself off B/C too.
I am crazy, stressed, flying off the handle but.. I'm a Taurus and dealing with that's pretty much my normal. Except this is def. at least 50% worse.
My hub is a Libra and if he started to act like me..we'd be in trouble.
Go with your gut..going on it can't hurt right?

PCOSChick said...

I just left a comment & I don't think it posted..but if this is duplicate, sorry!

I too have been off Met for a couple months now & I had no idea how it had "changed" my life, so I totally can relate to how you feel. It's funny how you get used to it & forget what your life was like before...then you go off & WHAM!

I have no idea if & when I will be going back on on a positive note, you know you & Met will meet back up again soon, so that gives you something to look forward to!

Hope your test go well & you & Met get back together soon :)

Kelly said...

A fellow Libra!

Isn't it odd how something that can seem so small every day (taking the Met) can completely knock you off your balance when you stop it?

I can relate to the nighttime eating being a problem. That's my problem too. :( I'm hoping that you're feeling better soon and back to your old self.

Busted Kate said...

Boo to no Metformin. Imbalance justified! Hope you can get back on it soon.

Carrie said...

I've never had to go off of it but my OB tried to tell me I didn't need a new prescription when I ran out. I about freaked... I have never felt this normal (insulin-wise and cycle-wise) in my life and I fully plan on being on Met until I die. Without it I am a mess!

So yeah - I'd go on it until the doctor tells you otherwise.

Jen @ After The Alter said...

I'm sorry you are feeling so off balance and lost. It's a horrible feeling. I don't truly understand since I have never been on the meds..but I do know what it's like to feel out of control and's the worst **hugs**

Illanare said...

For me, being on Met truly sucked - and was so bad after my 2nd loss that I was taken off it. And I too had the worst cravings for all things carb-y and sweet as soon as I stopped taking it. But the cravings (and mood swings) dissipated after a while - maybe 2-3 weeks?

I hope that you start to feel better soon.


addingtothepack said...

I have PCOS, but I'm not IR, so I don't necessarily need Met, but my doc is of the "can't hurt, might help" camp on that I am on it and I don't know if it's legit or placebo, but I feel so much better when I am taking the Met. I would miss my 3 horse pills if I had to stop taking them. I hope you can resume soon! If I were you, I'd probably start taking it again as soon as the test is over. If nothing else, if you go back on it and feel better, it will give you more data to bring to the doc if they come back from the test and try to tell you that you don't need to be on Met.

Aisha said...

I am off Metformin and I am definitely wanting more carbs than before. I dont know if its in my head or not but at the same time if you and I are not alone in this, its likely a result of being off Met.

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