Friday, November 27, 2009

To the Specialist

Internetz, could someone please tell me how in holy hell I can be sick AGAIN?! Ridiculous I tells ya! I'd like to chalk it up to some messed up reaction to the tetanus booster I got at the beginning of the week, but that's a debate for another day.

While I bide my time awaiting the New Year and my (hopefully) slightly smaller body there's not much going on in my fertility world.

BUT, I finally had my big appointment with the big deal PCOS specialist at one of the big hospitals in the big city. While this doctor doesn't deal specifically with fertility issues, she does deal with PCOS management and certainly considers the fertility aspect of it as well. Let me take you back to earlier this week...

It was a cold and rainy day when Irish Boy and I headed down to the city for this appointment. Due to construction and a ridiculously small parking lot for a giant hospital, I had minor meltdowns as we attempted to find parking, find food, and find where the hell we were supposed to be.

The fact that I shoved a doughnut and a gingerbread hot chocolate (oh you read me right, think liquid cookie) down my pie hole before seeing a doctor dealing with DIABETES, PCOS, and INSULIN RESISTANCE (Irony!) was wrong yes, but likely kept me (and my blood sugar) sane for the rest of the afternoon.

When we got to the waiting room which had the heat cranked up past the hell marker, I filled out the obligatory paperwork and was pleasantly surprised to hear my name called within five minutes of handing it in. I first saw a nurse who checked my height, weight (that deserves a sad trombone that I dedicate to Jennifer ), and blood pressure. I was then led into another room to wait for the doctor.

This is where it gets interesting. I was told that prior to seeing THE doctor, I would be seen by two interns since this is a teaching hospital. Fair enough.

So I waited. And I waited a bit more. Then the interns walked in.

Two guys. Young guys. Not overly hot guys but guys nonetheless.

So for the next half hour I had discuss all the pleasantries of PCOS with two young guys. Yes they're 'almost doctors' but for the love of all things holy, I'm talking periods and lack thereof, ovulation and lack thereof, hair, weight, more periods, fertility, oh and did I mention periods with TWO GUYS! Good bloody (pardon the pun) times!

After I scarred them for life, I saw Dr. PCOS. We went over the periods, the ovulation, the hair, the weight, and all the rest again. She was actually very cool. My biggest concern was the dosage of Metformin that I've been on for the past year. You see, the Fertility Clinic essentially slaps every PCOS girl on the same dosage and I've questioned for months whether I should be on more.

The answer? Possibly. But first she asked me if I'd ever been tested for Diabetes? Ummm, beyond the fasting blood work (which indicated insulin resistance), no. Seeing the family history that I had she declared that for the next month, I'm to be off the Met. so that in early January I can do the diabetes test, herein known as THE TEST.

Wait, what? Go off Met. For a month? Over the holidays? BRING ON THE BOOZE!

For THE TEST, basically I have to fast for 8 - 14 hours, go into the lab first thing for blood work then drink some sugary drink, wait 2 hours then have more blood work. For any of my IF girls who have graduated to the land of pregnancy this is likely similar to the gestational diabetes test you may have to do. From there Dr. PCOS will see if I need to be on Metformin and if so, how much I should be taking. I'm hoping that if I can keep up my exercise and weight loss, I will not get a Type II Diabetes wake up call in the New Year.

Note to self: lay off the gingerbread hot chocolate and lattes STAT.

Dr. PCOS is nothing if not thorough. I will then see her a few weeks later to discuss my test results and go from there.

In the meantime, she's fine with me doing a fertility treatment sometime in January if I wish so this won't push things back even further.

I was glad I got in to see her. She is definitely well known in the PCOS world in these parts and for lack of a better phrase, she knows her shit. I also wanted to see an Endocrinologist who would look at my case beyond just fertility because as important as the fertility aspect is to me right now, PCOS is for life and yours truly wants to manage it.

It's been a bit strange these past few days not taking my Metformin - in a way it's become a bit like a security blanket! But knowing that THE TEST looms before me in a matter of six weeks, I'm determined even more to keep my ass exercising and eating right.

Now if only I can get rid of this plague (okay, cold), to the gym I will return!


Anonymous said...

Dude. MUCINEX. If there's anything that's taken up residence in your chest, ol' Mucy will get rid of it in a flash.

I hate that you're in and out with so many doctors, specialists, etc. That's got to be so frustrating. I hope your visits to Dr. PCOS yields results! I totally believe that doctors all too often treat patients with a "one size fits all" protocol and that shouldn't be the case - I'm glad she seems down with exploring all the options!

junebug said...

Yeah for finding a dr. who is willing to go beyond the standard protocol. I was on metformin for 6 years and was sick for 6 years. I was so glad to get off of it. I went to something else that I liked but now I've lost enough weight I don't have to take it anymore. I hate talking about the PCOS journey with men. It can just be awkward.
I'll keep my fingers crossed for a negative test result in Jan. especially because no lattes is just a crime. Ok it may be this mornings pumpkin spice latte saying that last part.
I hope you feel better soon. Are you talking enough Vit. D and C? My hubby has been sick for weeks so I've started pumping him up with vitamins in hopes it will help.

Mrs Bee said...

I hated having the Diabeties test, after the third blood draw I was fast asleep in the waiting room for lack of blood! lol

Marla.z said...

Sorry to hear that you're sick again. *wrinkled nose* Being sick sux! Boo!

Glad that you were able to see a PCOS expert. I always feel better when I feel like I'm dealing with someone who knows what the hell they're talking about. ;) Good luck, chickie!

Anonymous said...

I hope you feel better soon. I had that glucose test and that stuff you have to drink made me want to throw up. So gross. After the stuff kicked in I was shaking because of all the sugar.

Fran said...

You have a great plan for the new Year and you can enjoy the holidays too!! that's just brilliant. Much love, Fran

Beautiful Mess said...

I hope you can kick that damn cold right on out of your body, soon!

Glad your appointment went well. I'll be hoping for the best for you, as always!

zengirl said...

On no! Sick again? You poor thing! Hope it clears up soon! I'm glad you found a PCOS expert, even though you had to go through 2 interns to see her-you must have felt very naked exposing your girly history to them! I'm surprised that TCM has not done much to improve your condition. Crunchy Mama who has PCOS got her baby purely with TCM help. She's a "huge believer":

Hope you feel better soon. And that those extra pounds melt away easily!

Anonymous said...

Haha, I love making guys squirm with girly stuff. Like explaining what endometriosis is to your boss or coworkers...
I hope this new doc can get your PCOS under control! Good luck with the continued weight loss, and fingers crossed for no diabetes!

Anonymous said...

When I went to see my family doctor at 16/17 for birth control I got the intern.... my objective was for acne but I kind enjoyed watching him squirm as he had to go through a standard sex talk sort of thing!


sounds like this will be a year of learning... love the plan. I know you can keep up the gym and eating right.

Lin said...

I second the Mucinex! That stuff works wonders on my sinus infections!

Sounds like the trip to the specialist was productive! Glad you get a break from the Met without it necessarily meaning a break from treatments. Hope you get some good answers soon!

Kate said...

Bring on the booze. I will join you. :-)

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