Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Internetz, if you've been reading me for a while, you know by now that I am hopelessly a Type A personality with a dash of neurotic thrown in for good measure.

Hopefully you find this to be a funny and endearing quality about me. If so, keep reading. If not, maybe skip this post altogether because the Type A, she's a-comin' out!

I have light periods. Always have. I know some of you may be shaking your fists at me but in their own way, they are a giant pain in the ass.

For example, how the hell do you really know when it's your Day 1?

Brace yourselves, Internetz, because we're going in for some T to the M to the I.

Last night I had some pink, streaky bleeding hinting to me that my mortal enemy Provera did at least come through to start up a period.

This morning at the crack of dawn? Not a speck. By later this morning though, there was some bright red bleeding. Though not enough to merit using any type of "protect your underwear!" product. There has been some bright red bleeding present on and off (ask me how many times I've gone to the bathroom today to check - no really, ask!), but again, not a lot of it.

I remind you, that I do have quite light periods, so this isn't overly unusual.

But do I call this my Day 1? I haven't called the Fertility Clinic yet lest I cry wolf about my period but this whole day one crapola always confuses me since my periods don't get all that plentiful most of the time anyways.

Or do I have to wait until I have to bring in the back-up that are feminine protection products?

Told you I'm Type A.

Could someone please answer my question before I drive myself insane? Thank you!


Anonymous said...

The way I do it is if it is there when I wipe, but nothing else it's just spotting. I count day 1 as the day that I actually see it on a pad an it's a little heavier.

Anonymous said...

When I had similar issues of not knowing cycle day 1 I read that its the first day of flow. Not spotting, but an actual drip drip flow. (gross but necessary to explain what I mean!)

Anonymous said...

I think different clinics have different definitions of what cd1 is. Usually it's the first day of flow, not spotting, but if you don't normally have much of a period, maybe it'd be better to call them and make sure?

Mrs. Gamgee said...

I concur with what's already been said above, with one added thing that may or may not apply to you...

When I'm spotting, on the tp it usually looks like pinkish or red-streaky ewcm. When it's actually CD 1, it's just blood.

All that said, and really there is no TMI in the IF world, I would still call your clinic to see what they say.

I hope the witch stops toying with you soon!

Kate said...

Argh, I hate the Provera periods. It's like your body is saying "I don't wanna! You can't make me!" and begrudgingly only spots a little. In my experience, I try to drink a lot of water during the day, have a glass of wine or two at night, and try to have a massage as soon as possible. Seriously. If I can get my muscles to relax, it seems to "go" better. Good luck. (Yay for girly stuff)

zengirl said...

It sounds like you're still spotting. CD1 is when the blood flows freely, uninhibited and you would require a pad.

TeeJay said...

I would say that since you have very light periods, if you are seeing bright red...it's day 1. You may want to give it one more day to see if there is any drip dripping (like a previous comment suggests) and then call the clinic to get their take. Is it easy to get a day 3 appointment? If so, then I don't see how chatting with a nurse about your situation tomorrow could hurt. But that's just my humble opinion.

irrationalexuberance said...

First, I LOVE that you tagged this post "neurotic." That made my entire day. I'd just call and ask, but I'd err on thinking that this was just spotting... Good luck!!

Anonymous said...

RE told me it has to be full flow before it can be considered CD1. I am also a type A and let me just confirm (like you don't already know) that type As and IF do not mix.

addingtothepack said...

I have the same issue sometimes and I usually just decide it's CD 1 when it is enough that there's evidence every time I hit the bathroom (and like you, that is way too often when I am trying to figure out lame spotting).

This is in no way scientific (you don't say), but my type A side has to make up some sort of guideline to adhere to on the months when "full red flow" is never gonna happen.

Anonymous said...

I have had the same issues and honestly considering that I have never had to do any meds or anything specific until CD3 I wait until I technically have a CD2 to figure out which was CD1. I have found that guessing or stressing about if it is CD1 or not was so hard for me so I just wait until I have a consistent day 2 and go with it. Not sure if that helps or not! :)

Steph said...

You can always wait until the next day to see if it really is your AF. That's what I have to do, having always had light periods when I have them. Sometimes, I never get a full on red flow, so just go with watcha got is my suggestion.

And I definitely agree with "Wait, What?"... Type A and IF do NOT mix at all! lol And in my case, trying adding nurse to the mix...grrr!

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