Thursday, October 29, 2009

Murphy's Law

Thanks to you all for your great tips and support from last night's post!

So here's the latest in Fertility Chick's Provera adventure.

When I left you last night, Irish Boy had bought me a (futile) pregnancy test, "just in case." I probably should've just peed on the money, but being a good girl, I was just trying to follow my RE's orders before starting Provera today.

My flu-ridden body woke up around 6 a.m. It was time to pee. So I did. In a cup.

But I've been burned a number of times before. I'm not just talking about negative test results. I'm talking about opening up the (expensive) HPT, dipping it in the cup, yadda, yadda, yadda, only then to, erm, wipe and find that my period was in fact here!

It could only happen to me?

So this morning I was smart. I did not open the pregnancy test. But it was ready to go. Until I noticed the slightest bit of spotting on the TP.

Ha! I knew it! But I beat you this time, Ladyville, I did NOT waste the pregnancy test. Ha!

So I went back to bed, fully expecting to see more spotting or perhaps even my period later that morning.

That's what should've happened right?

You would think so. But this is my Ladyville we're talking about. And between you and me, I think she's kind of a bitch.

Checked later this morning. No spotting. No period.


So here I sit, hacking my flu-ridden head off, and willing my period to start.

But if it doesn't, I'm just going to bite the bullet and take my first Provera pill this evening.

But you know me. I'll probably still end up using the (expensive) HPT tomorrow morning.

You know. Just in case.


Mad Hatter said...

Sometimes I get a signal the day before mine starts - a spot or a streak. I'll bet yours arrives tomorrow in all her glory!

Anonymous said...

I've been crazy enough to use an hpt after I've started bleeding. You know, just in case. I've been watching too many of those shows, where the girl didn't know she was pregnant b/c she thought she was getting her period every month...
Hope AF shows up and you don't have to take the provera.

Marla.z said...

Of course, you can never count on Ms. AF for anything. She's so damn undependable! Nasty biotch!

Anonymous said...

Well, if your body is ready for AF to arrive, at least with me, provera did not stop the period... and one time I took provera to jumpstart a eriod and I was pregnant, and they say it did not affect the pregnancy.

so either way you're fine!

Anonymous said...

Ugh. I HATE that. I too spot the day before I start. Back when I was "normal" it was never like all. But recently since AF has decided she might like me again I get some spotting, the she leaves completely and is back the day with full force. I think she uses that 24 hours to gain power so she can make me miserable! A BFP would be AWESOME but AF showing up would be progress too so I'm praying for progress! GOOD LUCK!

zengirl said...

The spotting sounds encouraging-AF's taunting you but she's probably just around the corner. Mine always comes right after I POAS! She's one mean B*tch!

T Lee said...

Hahaha, I never thought about it... but it would be easier to just pee directly onto the money...
I'm actually surprised there isn't some old wives tale where you're actually supposed to do that...

Shanny said...

She really is a biotch that AF, boo! And umm, honestly I would take the hpt before taking the provera... just incase, miracles do happen... =)

AmandaMqn said...

It never failed that I would start my period the hour after I tested. Drove me crazy! My period and I aren't on speaking terms anymore as a result. Stupid biatch.

OppositeOfOops said...

It's totally possible that you're just spotting a bit before the real deal. I do that sometimes - and it's allllwaaaays a mindfuck. (Oooh, implantation spotting! I just know it's implantation spotting. I read about that on the wide world of web!")

Or you're knocked up. :)

Good luck for a quick resolution, one way or the other.

I laughed out loud about peeing on the money instead. Good one. :)

Rebecca B said...

Several times I've taken the test and then started later in the day. It's so annoying. My new pledge is to wait at least three days from when AF is supposed to start before I test. Unfortunately, I haven't ever made it that far. I am saving money on those wasted tests though.

junebug said...

I totally hate hpts! They have taken too much of my money. Of course, so has lots of other things but I have chosen to take my anger out on hpts.

You were so close the album was called Music Machine. Yeah! I know so few others who have any idea what I am talking about but there is a wiki page for it. How cool is that?
I hope this tidbit brings you some joy and that you get well soon.

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