Monday, September 28, 2009

Me Likey

I love Pier 1. Love their dishes. Love their pillows. Love their home accents. Love their furniture. Back in the day, I was fortunate enough to have a good friend working for them. Thanks to her, Irish Boy and I scored our very first sofa and chair (with matching ottoman) - all for under $500 thanks to her manager wanting to get rid of the floor models! I tell that story to this day because I love basking in a good deal.

Now that we are in our house, we've managed to amass a solid collection of furniture. Some purchased, others "inherited" from family and friends. But my front room is lacking. It is a small-ish space with a coffered ceiling in the shape of a hexagon. It's kind of a funky room with three big windows that blends into my dining room. I guess it is somewhat traditional but I'm a tad eclectic and like to mix things up.

So when I received the most recent Pier 1 flyer in the mail, I saw the chair of my dreams. Yes, that is it above. I love it. The colours in the fabric totally work with my paint colour and other furnishings. Irish Boy thinks the pattern is a bit "crazy" - but I think it's funky and know that it would work in that space.

My birthday is next week, so Internetz, I need your help. Help me convince Irish Boy that this would be an excellent birthday gift. Leave your comments - I know he'll be reading!

The catch? I need two chairs. Otherwise my look won't be complete.

Surely I need to be in a space that makes me happy to enhance my fertility, right?




Circus Princess said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!! Of course you need a place to make you happy, and since it's your birthaday and all. This chair would so go in my house too, I wonder if Pier 1 ships to APO adresses...

Mrs Bee said...

Dear Irish Boy.

It is imperative that FC gets these two chairs.
Let me set the scene.

FC is pregnant after many rounds of Infertility treatments.
She is tired.
Her feeties hurt.
Her back hurts.
She finds herself in the front room and needs to sit down urgently.
She spots the beautiful chairs from Pier 1, cleverly placed in a casual but practical angle.
Perfect for FC's toosh to rest her child carrying bottom.
(her bottom won't actually be the one carrying the child silly)

How could you live with yourself if FC doesn't have these chairs?
What would become of poor FC without these chairs?
Would you expect her to stand?
Or even worse...
Sit on a different imperfect chairs?
Could you live with yourself?

I think not.

Buy the chairs.
Or suffer the eternal sighing and evil glances your way.


Clare said...

Great chair! But you definitely need two. On its own one would get lonely, you need a pair. Oh and what chairs! Beautiful. A. Must. Have.

Suzy said...

I love, love, love that chair. And of course you need a pair!

Michelle said...

lol Mrs. Bee!
This chair is awesome, I love it. 2 is a must!

Fran said...

That chair is definitely a MUST HAVE chair! perfect birthday present! love, Fran

Lin said...

LOVE the chairs! In fact, thank you for pointing them out, because I just might have to snag one for my house, too...that terracotta and green combo is PERFECT!

And, Mrs. Bee couldn't have said it any better!

Pregnant Yuppy said...

You definitely need 2 of those chairs! They will undoubtedly become priceless collector's items that you will be able to hand down one day to your offspring. And just think of the joy they will bring when you come home each day and see them brightening up the living room! I'm sure with some gentle, yet consistent nagging you will convince Irish Boy.

Good luck!

PS - I LOVE my Pier 1 bedroom set.

Jessica said...

I LOVE it!!! I just might buy one myself!

Mrs. Gamgee said...

Absolutely you need two! Pier 1 is like crack... one taste and you're hooked!

Tina said...

Me Likey too!!! You definitely NEED two!!

BumpBlogger said...

It's adorable and you will so regret it if you don't get it b/c you'll always be looking for something similar. Do it! :)

Beautiful Mess said...

You TOTALLY need those chairs! Plus they are functional. It's not like you'd be paying that much for a purse. Which is what I lust after often. It's chairs and BOTH of you can enjoy them. Plus, Irish Boy, if you get them for her, you'll totally score brownie points ;o)

Jessica said...

You have an award on my blog!

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