Monday, September 7, 2009

Losing my mind

I don't know if I'm hormonal - or crazy - or both - but I swear every time I see this commercial on tv my heart breaks a little for poor "Salty".

Yes, I confess to naming inanimate objects and feeling bad for them.

But watch this and tell me your own heart doesn't break a little!


Anonymous said...


I mean, it is very sad. Ahem.

Beautiful Mess said...

Awww poor lil Salty! The last part where the salt is pouring from his eyes, sad.

Mrs Bee said...

Poor little Salty.
I'll have him!!

babyhopes said...

AWWWWW!!! That is so sad and ridiculously adorable at the same time.

Marla.z said...

Awww! How cute and sad at the same time.

Anonymous said...

the video piece won't come through via the servers here at work but I still know EXACTLY which commercial you are talking about... and I feel sad for salty and laugh every single time!

Anonymous said...

Aw salty. You are not nuts that is a sad but cute commercial. I used to tear up all the time when a similar commercial was on about a lamp.

Jennifer said...

Ok, that's the sorriest little thing I've seen in years.

I always feel sorry and sad for inanimate objects. Mailboxes in the rain, broken toys... The absolute straw for me is the Zoloft commercial:

That sad little circle just kills me every time.

Mad Hatter said...

Saddest little Salt shaker I've ever seen! Where the hell was Pepper? Why didn't he get off his ass and show some fricking solidarity? Sheesh!

Clare said...

Definitely must be the hormones! Funny ad though!

Fran said...

Poor little salty! We had an ad here a while ago, similar style, about the "old mobile phone"! I love for your DH to read my blog any time he feels like it! And I'll get my DH to read his over the weekend! Much love, Fran

Anonymous said...

Aw, poor little Salty!!! He looks so sad. He is welcome at my house ANY time!!!! :)

Michelle said...

Hey Fertility Chick.
I posted this over on my blog, under your comment.. and then realized you'd probably never see it. :)
Your the first person I've met so far with PCOS & Azoo! (Aren't we lucky?)
What treatments/medications did you try with your husband?
Wishing you luck as well, I'll be following you too. :)

Baby Hungry said...

Thanks for the comment! This commercial really made me so sad for him. Expecially when he cried salt at the end. I too always feel bad for inanimate objects.

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