Sunday, September 6, 2009

I'm gonna knock you out

Pull up a chair ringside, Internetz, 'cause I'm about to unleash two able fighters to duke it out!

In this corner, I present to you our challenger, OPK! He may be skinny, but don't let that fool you. This fighter has backups and when one goes down, another one's ready for the next time you pee. Depending on the day of the fight, our challenger sports his trademark one or two lines. The darker the second line, the stronger he is!

And in this corner, I present to you our champion BBT! This longtime fighter is no stranger to the IF ring and drives the girls wild trying to figure out his basal body temperature chart. He is a wily fighter: up one minute, down the next. Just when you think you know what he's going to do, BAM! He's knocked you out!

Why is it OPK vs. BBT? Well Internetz, my body is NOTHING, if not entertaining! For the past few days, yours truly has attempted using OPK sticks. Those have resulted in a big ol' nothing! One test line would appear but there is absolutely no sign of a second line. Not even the faintest hint.

Fair enough, I thought. With my PCOS and wonky cycles, this certainly could be an anovulatory cycle. Or maybe I'm going to ovulate - but later. Well it is now CD-18 and according to my OPK's there's no sign of the big O (no, not Oprah, or that other big "O") anywhere.

However, I've been plugging my basal body temperatures into your friend and mine,, and as of today, it's telling me that I'm three days past ovulation!

Now I know. I know I should not get my hopes up. I know that my temperature tomorrow morning could cause me to lose those pretty little dotted lines. I know that there's probably no way in hell I ovulated on CD-15 because surely the stupid OPK would've showed something!?

So, I'm leaving it up to these two to duke it out!

I must note that the OPK's that I was using were super cheapy ones that I got from the ND. I also realized (after I started using them - nice) that they supposedly 'expired' 04/09. Not sure if that's really going to make a difference?

Your guess is as good as mine, Internetz! Place your bets on the fighter of your choice, and may the best method win!

PS - For those who now have the LL Cool J song in their head thanks to the title of this post: I'm sorry. Or, you're welcome. You decide.


junebug said...

I've never had luck with OPK's (never saw a second line - tried three cycles) but on the other had I've never had any luck at all with IF so I can't say that I'm a good judge.

Mad Hatter said...

If they are expired, I think that means they won't work. If you call the company and tell them, they will likely send you a new pack (I know because they did it for me once). I vote that you did ovulate on CD15. Go BBT!!!

Busted Tube said...

I think OPKs are such iffy things, especially the cheapies. The one I've had the most luck with is the Blue Digi.tal with the smiley face. My temps, however, were very accurate for two years, so I'd say that the temping is probably a good indicator.

Beautiful Mess said...

I'm just excited you put a picture of LL on here...YUM YUM! Is there going to be another contest and the winner gets HIM?! If so, I WIN! I've already decided ;o)I would think that the BBT knows what she's talkin bout. I've heard so many stories of the OPK's not working. Either way, I'm rootin for YOU!

Anonymous said...

for me it's been the ov watch all the way! this is our 3rd month using it and it has been awesome!!! no stressing about "the window" .... I haven't even signed up for another bulk of time w/ FF *gasp* and that's fine by me cause that website makes me crazy!

is your cycle no more the 39 days? I think that is the limit that you can set the watch to and have it working properly.

Anonymous said...

My vote goes to the BBT.

Good luck!!!!!

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