Monday, August 17, 2009

An Open Letter To My Period

Dear Period,

W. T. F.?! Where the hell are you?? It's now CD-39. You are at least six days late and you are no where in sight.

Seriously period, this is not cool. What about my once wicked awesome
contest that now seems more like an effort in futility?! Think of the chocolate, Period. Think of the chocolate!!!!

You realize now that I am going to have to get all those who guessed reasonable days for you to arrive to change their guesses to something like CD-72 if they want to even have any hope of winning the chocolate.

Period, I am not impressed. I will admit, I have spoken badly about you behind your back in the past, but I thought we were over that. I thought we had made amends and would be basking in a regular friendship from now on. What about the herbs I've been taking? The acupuncture? Seriously Period, all of these things are for YOU.

Please come for a visit. I really want to mail this chocolate before I eat it all myself. Besides, I actually kind of miss you.

Fertility Chick


Anonymous said...

it's a sign god doesn't want me eating chocolate...

Melissa G said...

Hahaha. That was awesome. I'm sorry AF has not been cooperating.

I guess CD............41

Mad Hatter said...

Hey Lady! I just posted a comment and it didn't seem to go through...let me try again...and here's a post I found on Stirrup Queens I found encouraging...(note the part about the long cycles!):

Monday, February 18, 2008 7:31:00 PM
Anonymous said...
I am a firm believer in acupuncture and specifically taking Chinese herbs for conception. We received the biggest surprise of our lives when at age 40 I became pregnant...had no morning sickness whatsoever, and a great pregnancy! It took me nearly a year to go for acupuncture after a friend recommended it because I had depression about not concieving after 4 months of Clomid and a failed IUI, plus a high FSH level of 24. The first 3 months my Chinese doctor did acupuncture twice a month (cost about $90 a session) and gave me herbs to reverse the effects of Clomid (which had caused 21 day cycles).Then, she said "Do you really want to get pregnant?" and I said "Well sure if you can help, but my RE said I had a 0 chance of ever conceiving." Yeah, yeah, we'll see" was her answer (BTW, my Chinese doctor was an RN for 12 years before studying Chinese medicine). She gave me Fertile Garden an herb pill from a compnay called Heath Concerns of Oakland, CA (its also availalbe at a hoilistic herb site on the internet). I took it 2X per day, and in 2 months was worried because my period didn't start by day 35 of my cycle. I checked my basal temp that morning to see that it was still elevated, before buying a pg test kit (because I spent tons of money on them and always disappointed). I was so nervous to take the pg test, and shocked to see 2 lines !!!
I recommend CHinese herbs and acupuncture to friends, and have several friends here in Dallas who have had babies because of it! Also, it bugs me that the media only reports that acupuncture is advantageous when doing IVF, because my RE actually told me I had no good eggs, and my FSH was so high that even IVF was a waste of my if acupuncture can work for me, it can work for lots of women!

Anonymous said...

Okay, so here's my post...
I am having the same fricking problem! It's CD37 for me! I think it's no coincidence that we are both doing acupuncture, and while I was encouraged by that post I found, I'd still like to know what is going on. When do you see your acupuncturist next? I see mine Wednesday. If you find out anything, let me know and vice-versa! Sending you period-provoking thoughts! (which I imagine to look like this: ..................................)

Busted Tube said...

That's so frustrating! I hope AF shows soon before you have to send out the Mounties to find her!

Fertility Chick said...

LOL - thanks everyone!

Mad Hatter - thank you for posting that ...and also for your good thoughts! I go for acupuncture on Wednesday too -- and I will definitely be asking. Was supposed to go today (my usual day) but something came up at work and I had to make the switch. Please let me know what yours says! We must compare notes!

Busted Tube - as a Canuck I appreciate the Mounties reference...awesome.

Send period thoughts my way ladies...and feel free to change your guess for "the contest" -- the choccy could be all yours!! ;)

Beautiful Mess said...

Dear Fertility Chick's Period,

I guessed 40, so kindly show up tomorrow. I NEED this chocolate! I deserve this chocolate! Who gets folliculitis?! NOBODY but me! See?! I deserve this!
Beautiful Mess
Fertility Chick would really like to see you. She is doing so much for you. Don't be rude.

Anonymous said...

hahah this one made me crack up. Cute post. I don't write nice cajoling notes to my period. Typically curse words are involved in my conversations with AF to be. Maybe I've been using the wrong approach?

Amaprincess said...

Mine is already visiting I can take that chocolate off your hands with no problems =) My new vote is CD 43...4 +3 = 7 and seven is a lucky number!

Melissa G said...

Hey Madhatter and Chick,
Did you hear anything from your acu docs about a delay in your cycle??? I started acu two weeks ago and ovulated 6 days later than I normally do... WEIRD.

Baby Hungry said...

I too just wrote a letter to my period! I hate waiting for it to come but am so glad when it finally does so I can get on with it! Hope it comes soon!!


Kymberli said...

My PIO shot finally kicked AF in the arse - she came in for a crash landing today on CD 51. Good times, man...good times.

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