Saturday, August 22, 2009

My first time

Now, now, Internetz, don't get THAT hopeful!

This is my first time participating in ICLW!! I am excited to be introduced to some new blogs and connect with more bloggers.

If this is your first time visiting my little space on the web, welcome! Just so you know, my blog just recently got re-titled - but you are in the right place! On the ICLW list, I am #29 - "What IF". Sorry about any confusion!!

In honour of this August's ICLW, here's a little bit about me:

*I just celebrated my 10th wedding anniversary earlier in August to my wonderful husband, called Irish Boy on here. Yes, Irish Boy, really is Irish. He was born and raised outside of Belfast.

*I am Canadian! I grew up just outside of Toronto in the 'burbs and am now living just over an hour north.

*I have three dogs. One I've had since he was a pup (he's now 11) and Irish boy and I adopted two other dogs in the past couple of years. Since then I've become quite passionate about animal rescue and adoption.

*I love coffee. Love it. With cream. And sugar. Yeah, I know that's bad. But if you want to win me over, just bring me a double double.

*I have a very quirky sense of humour. I'll let you read some of my other posts to see for yourself.

*This is mainly a blog about infertility and our struggles trying to spawn life. I have PCOS and am insulin resistant (IR). My husband is dealing with male factor infertility that resulted in our decision to use donor sperm. So far we have had two dIUI's without success. I know that going the route of a donor wouldn't be everyone's choice - but it's the right one for us - and have appreciated the support we've gotten from others in the recognition that not all of our journeys will be the same.

*Right now I'm on a "spawning break" and hope to attempt another dIUI in Sept/Oct.

*This past July, I have started exploring naturopathy and acupuncture with the help of my Naturopathic Doctor (ND). I love her. I swear her last acupuncture session brought on my seriously late and M.I.A. period.

*Sometimes I swear the voice of Peter Griffin (Family Guy) narrates the voice in my head.

*I love sushi and my mouth is watering as I type this.

*I am desperate to learn to knit and hope to take a class this fall.

*I have yet to visit NYC and this concerns me greatly. I must go.

*I am madly in love with the iPhone and if you happen to be from Apple and are reading this - I am your girl!

So thanks for stopping by! Visit again, anytime!


Jess said...

Welcome to ICLW!! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love that you call your future baby a spawn, lol! I also want to visit NYC, and I love Sushi! The hubby hates it so I rarely eat it and when I do, I go all out...mmmm, now my mouth is watering! :)


Melissa G said...

Happy ICLW!!!

Just a heads up: My husband's name is *Brian Griffin*

(family guy) =)

Fertility Chick said...

Hi Jess - thanks for visiting me too! Here's to sushi! YUM!!

Melissa - I LOVE THAT!! Now whenever you mention him, I'm going to hear the voice from "Family Guy"!

Happy ICLW to you both!!

In Due Time said...

Thanks for putting the ALIGab banner up.

Glad you finally popped your ICLW cherry. :-)


Beautiful Mess said...


If the Apple people contact you because of your shout out, let me know! I'll totally pimp out my blog for free Coach stuff! I have NO problem doing that!

Thanks for the intro! Coffee and Sushi in NYC on our next date? Sounds like a plan to me!

MelissaP05 said...

Hi, coffee and sushi, the best ever. In fact today I had both! Coffee this afternoon and sushi/hibachi for dinner. Happy ICLW Week!

Lin said...

MMMmmm...sushi! :-) Glad you're doing ICLW! It's my first time, too! LOL!

Tiffanie said...

happy ICLW!

i love love love sushi as well.

good luck with ttc when you start again!


Busted Tube said...

Happy ICLW & welcome to the fun!
You have totally made me want coffee for breakfast this morning and I'm trying to stay away from it! :-) Guess I'll settle for a nice cup of tea (the cream helps make it pretty delicious too!).

Carrie said...

Hi from ICLW!

- Peter Griffin narrating your life: Ha! I think my life would be narrated by Stewie.

- Sushi: OMG... you totally just reminded me that we haven't had sushi in a few weeks and I just may have to talk the husband into going out for dinner tonight...

- I have PCOS w/ IR and the husband has MFI as well. And I just randomly realized last night (a year after the fact) that acupuncture may have helped my husband's sperm count.

- Animal adoption and rescue rocks. Over the past few years we've fostered four litters of kittens and it has always been a totally amazing experience.


PS Husband agreed to sushi! YAY!

nh said...

Welcome to ICLW!

Anonymous said...

Happy ICLW ;) I love sushi too. I've tried to teach myself how to knit, but it didn't work so well lol.

Cassandra said...

Returning your ICLW comment, but I can't find your blog on the list. What number are you?

NYC has lots of sushi. And coffee. And Apple stores. And other things too. :)

Fertility Chick said...

Hi Cassandra -

I'm #29 - What IF -- I just changed my blog title...should've probably waited until *after* ICLW! Sorry about that!!

Anonymous said...

Hello fellow PCOS/IR'er Sigh. Wish we had more positive things in common but there it is.

Sometimes the voice of Chris from Family Guy plays in my head, especially for some random reason the words "GET out of my head!!!"



Lisa RM said...

Mmmm... Sushi!

Missy said...

Good luck learning to knit. I taught myself to crochet a few years ago and enjoy it a lot. I mean to learn to knit since some things are easier to make with knitting.


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