Tuesday, July 21, 2009

On pins and needles

So it was acupuncture round 3 today! I had another 55 needles stuck in me - FUN!

Here's a bit of a convo I had with the ND:

Me: "Lots of needles again today, eh?"

ND: "You've seen nothing yet!"

Me: "Uh, really??"

ND: "Yes. Post-ovulation, there will be even more. It's fairly aggressive, but I find it works well with those doing fertility treatments."

Me: "I see... at least I haven't had any in my face!"

ND: "Oh you will - soon!"

Me: "Soon?!"

ND: "Soon. We'll have one in your forehead pretty soon."

Me: "What's the one in your forehead for?"

ND: "It's for calming."

Me: "A needle in my forehead? For calming. Yeh, that's ironic. 'You need to calm down, let me just stick a NEEDLE IN YOUR FOREHEAD!'"

ND: "Just you wait....!"

Oh. My. GAWD. I will be having a needle put into my forehead. And soon. Ack!


Fat Chick said...

55.. holy cow, that's a lot. I think the most I ever had was 34. I always get one stuck inbetween my eyes on my forehead. I don't even feel it go in. Do you have them out in your ears? Those always freak me out.

Mad Hatter said...

I don't know how many needles I've had, but I've had one in my forehead, and on the top of my head PLENTY and it's no biggie...the idea of it is worse than the actual experience...and it is very calming! Really!

Malinda said...

Have you experienced the cigar looking thing they use on you that feels like they are burning your skin? Lol. I guess it's to bring lots on energy to that area.


Fertility Chick said...

Yeh - 55 for the past two weeks and supposedly even more to come! I actually made her count last week. ;)

MH: you've had more than one on your head!? I'm super impressed!! She did say that the forehead one is no biggie - I hope it's calming!! Until I experience it, I am kind of freaked out! It's the whole "needle in my face" fear...but I'm weird about needles!

I haven't had any in my ears - she didn't seem to indicate that I would...but who knows?! Since I'm not actually doing any 'attempts' at the moment, maybe that's why? I'll be interested to see what happens when I'm off of my break and trying again. FC: I remember you talking about your experience with the ears!!

Malinda: I haven't experienced the cigar looking thing!! Has anyone else??!

Will definitely report back on my first needle in the forehead experience!

Does anyone 'feel' anything while you're lying there? I've had some dull aches and a warming sensation at times...but sometimes nothing. Am curious about what others feel.

Beautiful Mess said...

Too bad I can't sneak in there and take a picture of you with all those needles in you. That would probably freak you out, on SO many levels. And might negate the whole "calming effect" you're going for....

BumpBlogger said...

Hmmm for some reason this makes me even more intrigued about acupuncture... :)

wishing and hoping said...

Oh gosh...I feel ya, sister! I made the unfortunate mistake of telling my ND that I've been having trouble sleeping lately and she stuck a needle right into the top of my head! Ouch! I told her it hurt so she took it out. And I still haven't been able to sleep. Needle in the head? Or no sleep? I'll take no sleep for now.

Fertility Chick said...

wishingandhoping: OMG - I've totally been having trouble sleeping lately! There's no way I'm telling the ND now!!! :)

BumpBlogger: go for it - I actually quite like it...minus the potential for face needles!!

Beautiful Mess: I'd almost let ya take a photo! I bet I'd look like "Pinhead" from the Hellraiser movies!

Cherish said...

55, wow! I haven't had that many yet! Although I have to say the head ones aren't that bad. It's the ones in the back of my knees that hurt, and the spot continues to ache for the rest of the day.

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