Saturday, July 18, 2009

House proud

Well lordy, Internet, I still have two weeks left of my holidays and at moments I find myself BORED SHITLESS! Even Twitter isn't always cutting it - SAD!

We are basically stay-cationing it around the house this year minus our venture last weekend to my friend's wedding (read about that semi-nightmare in my last post!) and another small getaway next weekend. So, yours truly who is definitely Type A and most likely OCD with a spattering of ADD has decided that this stay-cation is going to turn into a DIY extravaganza! Yes, Internet, welcome to (wait for it) "Paintapolooza 2009!" I figured that flashy title would make it more exciting for you. It didn't? Oh well, I tried. I love our house. We bought it almost 3 years ago - our first house and our escape from the world of renting. It's not the biggest house in the world, nor does it sit on a wonderful expansive property. We are in the midst of another brand new subdivision, but I like it. Like most brand new homes it came to us with "builder's beige" on every single wall in the house. Not that this was a bad thing in the beginning. This almost non-colour made everything look so fresh and new when we first moved in. But I learned quickly that "builder's beige" was definitely not from the highest quality of paint, so when the wall marked, which it inevitably did, it stayed marked. No amount of scrubbing, wiping, or even magic erasing would do the trick. In fact it usually ended up pulling the paint off the wall and spreading the mark. Awesome.

So it was time to freshen up the walls and personalize this place as our own. Enter "Paintapolooza 2009!" (Has the title grabbed you yet?) I have to give most of the credit to Irish Boy, since he seems to be doing all of the grunt work. I am merely the brains behind the operation, choosing colour schemes and pointing out missed spots as only I can do in my overzealous perfectionist way. I think Irish Boy is actually more than happy to be painting on his own. It means I disappear for a while (aka: he can work in peace and quiet) and he doesn't have to put up with me swearing and sputtering as I get paint all over the place. It's true, while I expect perfection, I don't have the patience to create it myself. I'm a complicated woman!

So far the main bathroom upstairs, our ensuite bathroom, the powder room downstairs (holy shit so many different 'titles' for bathrooms!), the kitchen, and the spare bedroom are painted. Currently, Irish Boy is hard at work on the family room and I'm already gearing up for painting the hallway downstairs and the living room. I am way too excited about this. I don't know if it's the boredom from having nothing else to occupy my thoughts (no work, no ttc...), but each time I see a new room filled with colour I want to burst into show tunes (you could be so lucky!).

So yes, I'm feeling a wee bit house proud at the moment. But I figure since a can of paint is costing us less than $30 I'm getting my kicks cheaply and I can channel my inner interior decorator. Works for me.


Beautiful Mess said...

The title grabbed me! In a bit of an inappropriate way, but I liked it ;o) I don't care for painting but I do like it when someone else does it! Do we get to see pictures of your beautifully new painted walls? I wanna see!

Have fun with the rest of the walls!

Mad Hatter said...

I'm so jealous! Our house badly needs painting - good for you! Yes, please post pictures!

Anonymous said...

Please oh please post some pics =) We are currently renting an apt but I have dreams of painting even though it means us having to paint it white again before we leave. I need some interior decorating inspiration b/c I have none.

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