Monday, July 27, 2009

Call me Pinhead

It's been a busy weekend. Irish Boy and I went away for one last hurrah before I go back to work at the end of the week. It was a whirlwind and we're just home and exhausted. So I will be brief.

In addition to my very busy weekend I had my standing acupuncture appointment this afternoon. Remember that for the last two weeks I've had 55 needles stuck into my abdomen, legs, feet, and wrists. Well today, Internet, we upped the ante and I had well over 60! Lots more in my abdomen, more on my feet (some of those were ouch!), and yes, one in my forehead!

I have now experienced the "calming needle in the forehead." I want to tell you that it was truly bizarre (okay, it kind of was) and not one bit calming. But oddly, it was. There, I've said it. A needle in my face was calming. A. NEEDLE. In. My. FACE. Made. Me. Feel. Calm. Chalk this up to "one of the things I never thought I'd say!"

Yes, Internet. You can now officially call me Pinhead.


Mad Hatter said...

Welcome to the Pinhead Club! :-)

Anonymous said...

first: love your blog.

second: being a pinhead, is a special mark in one's life. i was less concerned w/ the pins they put in my head/face than the trauma that occurred the first time i walked into therapy and the guy behind the desk had needles coming out of his eyelids. definitely NOT the first thing you want to see when you are facing the terrifying fact that a stranger is going to be shoving needles all over your body. hope the acu works well for you. they were able to trigger ovulation for me, but no other successes...

farmerswife06 said...

Hello I found you through Stirrup Queen. I would love to follow you. I too have PCOS and am going the acupuncture route. I guess you could call me a pin head too!!! I can't wait to hear more from you!!!

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