Monday, May 11, 2009

Well if that don't beat all...

FUCK. Fuckity fuck fuck shit. It's been that kind of day and I make no apologies for my language.

So here's the deal, it's CD 11 of cycle 2 of God knows how many IUI cycles before I suck it up enough (and find enough cash) to attempt IVF. Last cycle was pretty uneventful though ended up with the usual NEGATIVE so we moved on.

I have been getting Menopur injections in my ass (sorry, I have been having IM injections) for the past 6 days in the hopes of seeing a little follicle action. Today after the longest ultrasound ever (to be shared at another time), I learned that I only have one follicle that *may* mature and I potentially have some other weird cyst that could be filled with mini teeth, hair and a spine! I'm not making this shit up, google "dermoid" and then go watch, "My Big Fat Greek Wedding".

So what now? Another bloody ultrasound in two days to decide whether this cycle is a bust or not. As for the mutant cyst -- well no one seems overly concerned about it other than me and the ultrasound tech trainees. Since no one from the Fertility Clinic has called in a panic telling me to cancel all further injections I'm trying to hang in. But it sucks. It sucks ass.

PCOS is a real bitch -- and the kicker is that normally I don't even present cysts! I'm your typical IR cyster - meaning I'm always hungry, wish I could live on bread, and yeh, I could stand to lose some major pounds, what about it? What the hell is going on in there?!

I'm tired, bitter, hormonal, and frustrated. Surely it's got to get better from here?


Jennifer said...

Am I your first commenter? Neat!

I haaaaate the ultrasounds. They don't last long but they sure are uncomfortable when the technician wants to "take a look around".

Don't apologize for swearing. In my neck of the woods every other word is the very ladylike F-bomb. It may be less than genteel, but if it helps you de-stress or burn off some of the anger, swear away! It's your blog!

I'm sorry about El Mystery Cyst. I hope the doctors figure out what it is and you get some relief (and happy news) soon!

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