Sunday, May 24, 2009

Home stretch

So as of tomorrow, I'm officially down to a 1 week wait to see what, if anything, this cycle has managed to produce.

I am grateful that Irish Boy and I went away last night - the distraction couldn't have been timed better. I spent a great evening with friends, eating, going to a show, and generally not caring about what might or might not be happening down in ladyville.

Is it just me, or is the home stretch of the 2ww the worst? You're that much closer to your period starting and all hell breaking loose...or....well I don't really know what the or would feel like. To be honest, I don't think it's my month...and even on months that I have, I can't really even imagine what it might be like to hear the words, "you're pregnant" or see those two little lines appear on a pregnancy test.

So I apologize now for being absolutely insufferable this week as my patience is tested to its limit.

Part of me just wants to know what the fuck is going on so I can move on either way. Another part of me wishes that I could just freeze this moment in time so I didn't have to know. So that I didn't have to potentially move on to another cycle.

I said in my last post that if this cycle doesn't work, I'm taking a mini break and I think I'm sticking with that. I need to sort some of my shit out before I go any further. This terrifies me...I mean if I haven't sorted my shit out I actually ever going to do it?

So if anyone is out there and reading this...thanks for at least taking the time. And just smile and nod as I start over analyzing every twinge and pull that my uterus throws my way just to piss me off.

Home stretch here I it or not....


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