Saturday, May 16, 2009

Conspiracy Theory

Well it looks as if the lone follicle is almost ready to burst forth and potentially spawn life with the help of its helpful sidekick the HcG trigger shot and our frozen sperm. We trigger tonight at 9 p.m. and being slightly OCD and totally "Type A" you can bet your ass that the needle is going in at 9:00:01 on the nose. I'm weird, I know. My IUI is scheduled for Monday a.m.

Here's the thing. Last cycle (aka first failed IUI), I also did the trigger and had IUI not much more than 24 hours later. Now thanks to helpful tweets and my BFF Google, I'm learning that it should be at least 36 hours after trigger before going ahead with the procedure.

So this begs the question. WTF?! What did they do last month? Why did we do the IUI so early? Were we just randomly pissing around with the cycle and hoping for the best? Since my beloved husband can't offer any assistance by 'supplementing' our efforts before/after the fact (thanks for nothing male infertility) was last cycle a bust before it even began?!

So now for the weird part. I'm almost hopeful that someone will comment that it is weird, that there was NO way I had a great shot at getting pregnant with the trigger and IUI being so close together last month. I'm hopeful because then that might mean that the BFN I saw and the arrival of AF 13 days post-IUI weren't just that my body sucks and fails constantly at getting pregnant.

Who the hell knows? I'll just celebrate the last of the butt needles for now (damn you IM injections!) and I guess we'll see where we go....

2 week wait here I come...


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